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Ken Paves Styles Disney Character’s Hair

He was tapped to create a hairstyle for Periwinkle, Tinker Bell’s newest BFF.

Hairstylist Ken Paves has coiffed the likes of Victoria Beckham, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez, but it was a call from Disney that really made him weak at the knees. A lifelong Disney fan—the name of his first dog was Shmickey after Mickey Mouse—Paves was tapped by Peggy Holmes, director of Disney’s upcoming animated feature, Secret of the Wings, to create a hairstyle for Periwinkle, Tinker Bell’s newest BFF. “The second I hung up the phone, I called my mom and dad. I said, ‘Can you believe it?’” Paves enthuses.

Not long after, he found himself in a room full of Disney animators. Paves had bought five separate long wigs, then spent a day dying each a slightly different shade of periwinkle. Out of the five options, Holmes chose an icy variant of the color. Paves proceeded to put the chosen wig on a model and chop 20 inches off of it, intermittently gluing pieces back on to produce a stylized, sort of spiky pixie cut. “She is a cool, spunky, slightly mischievous character, and the hair represents that,” says Paves of his creation. The animators carefully observed the look and motion of the wig to emulate it in the movie. “They got the proportion and the perspective, and the way it would move on an actual head,” he says. In the end, Paves believes Periwinkle was given hair daring women would love. “I can imagine Carey Mulligan pulling it off. It has that great pixie vibe that is really modern.”