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Kids Get Natural With Glop and Glam

A new line of children's hairstyling products has been formulated to offer scents like Creamsicle and bubble gum without the usual synthetic ingredients.

LOS ANGELES — A new line of children’s hairstyling products has been formulated to offer beloved scents like Creamsicle and bubble gum without the parabens and synthetic ingredients normally associated with them.

“My clients had been asking me about natural things they can put in their children’s hair,” said Andrea Ridgell, the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based creator and owner of her hair care company, Glop and Glam, and a longtime hairdresser.

The line, which bowed this month online and will start rolling out to stores over the next several weeks, includes the Hair Glam Bubble Gum Glitter Gel and Hair Glam Chocolate Controller antifrizz product. There are a total of six stock-keeping units, as well as five colored hair extensions. The colorful and whimsical packaging includes a soda-bottle like container for the detangler and ball shapes for the spike molding putty.

“Most parents are concerned about not having parabens, alcohol and formaldehydes in their kids’ products, and using as many organic ingredients as possible,” said Ridgell.

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Krista Treide, the brand’s marketing manager, said distribution would initially be limited to specialty boutiques.

“Our intention is to have a disciplined distribution planned, and to eventually trickle it down to mass,” she said. She anticipated the line being available in between 20 and 40 doors by the end of the year.

The products retail for round $15 each and $3.99 for the extensions. Industry sources estimate first-year sales to be in the $500,000 to $1 million range.