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Mass-Market Hair Accessories Go Higher-End With La Ta Da

The brand is entering Target stores with fashionable hair pins, clips, ties, wraps, headbands and more priced from $5.99 to $11.99.

La Ta Da is launching a collection for women and girls looking for chic hair accessories at their local Target stores.

Next month, the brand is entering the mass retailer with 34 stockkeeping units of barrettes, pins, clips, ties, wraps, headbands and more priced from $6.99 to $11.99. At the same time, an offshoot of La Ta Da called Ta Da aimed at a younger demographic will reach Target shelves with 14 sku’s priced from $5.99 to $9.99.

“We spend a lot of time identifying opportunities and needs in the marketplace, and we realized there was a gap for a truly elevated, high-fashion-inspired hair accessories line at a really accessible price point,” said Cristina Bartosch, director of marketing for Beach House Group, creator of La Ta Da and owner of Project Underground, the company behind the brands Marlowe, Mayfair Soap Foundry and You Are Amazing available at Target. “In the marketplace, you have high-end pieces at the department store and specialty level, and then you have known mass brands, and there was a white space in the middle.”

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Recently, celebrity hair stylist and social-media personality Jen Atkin put swanky hair accessories on the map with her range for direct-sales jewelry firm Chloe + Isabel, but Bartosch pointed out that the range is quite a bit costlier than La Ta Da’s (a brushed gold circle barrette retails for $7.99 from La Ta Da, compared to $24 at Chloe + Isabel) and isn’t conveniently obtainable at stores. The Chloe + Isabel hair accessories from Jen Atkin are sold online and through the company’s sales force.

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“People know about Jen Atkin from the Kardashians and from her own [hair-care] line. I hope they look to her hair accessories as inspiration — and that’s sort of how women shop. They look for inspiration and what they are drawn to, and then seek out something that fits their budget and is accessible to them,” said Bartosch. “At Target, La Ta Da is really accessible to every woman.”

Among the standouts in the early repertoire from La Ta Da are black-and-white tortoise-shell cuffs, metallic headbands and tasseled and braided hair ties. “Women are looking to add them on as accessories like they would a great handbag or cocktail ring,” said Bartosch. “Imagine having your messy ponytail up at the gym with that tasseled and braided hair tie hiding under it and, then, as you create a bun, you can put forward the tasseled piece and showcase it more. As you transition from the gym to work, you are turning attention to that detailed piece.”

La Ta Da hair accessories were designed with girls and women spanning their teenage years well into their 30s in mind, while Ta Da’s offerings are intended for the tresses of girls aged 4 to 11. The Ta Da selection includes days-of-the-week bobby slides, colorful large and small bow clips, and scrunched fabric headbands.

“We really wanted Ta Da as a sister brand to bring fun, fashionable accessories to contribute to girls expressing their style and creativity. The line isn’t overly princess-y and is more fashion-forward,” said Bartosch. “It’s similar to the way kids clothing is becoming more elevated and allowing kids different ways to express themselves.”

With social media accelerating trend cycles and consumption patterns, Beach House focuses on quickly developing collections that respond to rising consumer demand and has a close relationship with Target, which allows the retailer to fill holes in its assortment with products germinated at the brand incubator. It took Beach House about a year to complete La Ta Da from idea to execution.

“Hair accessories are something I remember wearing a lot of growing up, and I think there’s a resurgence of them because the Nineties are back, and there is so much nostalgia happening,” said Bartosch.

Following a strategy by Target to distinguish its beauty merchandise, La Ta Da will exclusively be carried by the chain at the outset, although Bartosch suggested Beach House Group is open to considering other retailers in the future. Dawn Block, senior vice president of beauty and essentials at Target, said, “La Ta Da’s collection of stylish, affordable hair accessories will make it easy for guests to put the finishing touch on any outfit, and we hope they love finding the brand at Target this fall.”

La Ta Da will be housed at Target’s hair accessories sections that feature products from the likes of Revlon, Scunci and Goody as well. At Target and beyond, Bartosch underscored its items make ideal impulse purchases. “The trends the items hit upon plus their price points lend themselves to impulsivity. A woman doesn’t have to decide between buying a new dress and getting this also. She can get them both,” said Bartosch. “It could be merchandized alongside any other fashion impulse add-on.”