Lady Gaga

Forget outfit changes. During the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga put hairdo transformations in the spotlight.

Working with her longtime hairstylist Frederic Aspiras, the pop star went from an updo to long, flowing hair onstage, and sported a pinned-back bun in Tiffany & Co.’s first Super Bowl commercial. The performance hair, accented with Matrix Color Sync Watercolors in Quartz Pink, referenced the pink hat Lady Gaga wears on the “Joanne” album cover and an extended blush-colored ponytail she whips around in the music video for the song “Born This Way.”

“You want to think carefully about what you put out there because it’s the biggest stage in the world,” said Aspiras. “I had a huge, huge inspiration board of every kind of look we’ve done, we are doing and even every look we haven’t done. It was a lot, a lot of looks. I wanted to create a look that was representative of her past, her present and her future performances.”

Lady Gaga’s nearly 14-minute halftime set started with her hair tucked up in a French twist knot. Aspiras explained the updo kept hair out of her face as Lady Gaga began to perform, and it allowed for a dramatic change once she pulled a hairpin out to free her locks.

Talking about the updo, he said, “It gave a much cleaner look and also provided a really great reveal. A lot of people didn’t know what color her hair would be. And, when she released the hair, it still held the curl and bounce.”

Aspiras pointed out the key to the transition from high to low tresses was deftly prepping the hair.

“When you layer product, sometimes it is really heavy, but you want it to be perfect,” he said. “We layered mousses and thermal heating spray to keep the curls. There is definitely a lot of hairspray, but we used [Matrix Style Link] Fixer Finishing Hairspray, which is pretty light, so you can layer it and layer it. If you properly layer your product, it looks effortless, clean, sophisticated and still sexy. That’s what we wanted for all those football fans.”

In addition to the Fixer Finishing Spray, Aspiras’ arsenal of Matrix products for the Super Bowl included Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray, Style Link Smooth Setter, Style Link Heat Buffer, Style Link Mineral Airy Builder Dry Texture Foam, Biolage RAW Re-Hab Mask and Biolage RAW Recover Shampoo.

For the placement of the pink hair color, Aspiras gave contouring a new twist for Lady Gaga’s performance. He took it to her tresses. “If you look at how you contour your face, it gives your cheekbones more definition. With that pastel pink, it’s the same idea. It frames the face better, and it shows off the different layers,” he said.

He noted that Lady Gaga’s roots were left light brown “for more dimension. Those color choices really played into how the hair moved.”

Lady Gaga’s hair tumbled to almost the middle of her back. The length was very strategic. “We tested out length, colors, textures and even certain kinds of curls. The length is really important because it has to not obstruct the clothes, and it has to be able to move,” said Aspiras. “When she’s up there, I like the hair to look like it’s dancing with her. There is a lot of movement in it, and there’s a lot of layering.”

The unrestricted performance hair stood in stark contrast to the slicked-bun bun Lady Gaga showcased in the Tiffany commercial. The hairstyle in the commercial was designed not to distract from the jewelry. “Sometimes when you pull back like that, it can be the hardest thing you can do. A lot of people can throw tons of curls and colors together, but when you are challenged to do something to support something, and to do something that’s simple and pure, it can be difficult,” said Aspiras. “I looked at it almost as [if it were hair for a] character. Kim Novak and Katharine Hepburn came to mind. That was my inspiration.”

Following the Super Bowl, Lady Gaga said she’s headed on a 48-date world tour. Aspiras, who has had his fingers in the singer’s strands for nine years, isn’t sure yet if he’s on board, but he’s up for it. He said, “We haven’t talked about that yet. I just go day by day. ‘Joanne’ is such a great, fun album. It’s so pure, and I can’t wait to see her perform it live.”

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