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ModiFace Teams Up With Vidal Sassoon

ModiFace teams up with Vidal Sassoon on a virtual try-on beauty app for hair color.

As virtual try-on technology continues to populate smartphones everywhere, ModiFace is adding to the array of beauty apps on the market by partnering with Vidal Sassoon on Find Your VS Shade.

Launching today for Apple and Android devices, Find Your VS Shade gives consumers the opportunity to determine how a particular hair color will appear on them before spending money on a salon service.

“We have seen signs that the beauty and especially the hair industry is embracing augmented reality in a significant way,” said Parham Aarabi, chief executive officer of ModiFace. “The Vidal Sassoon app is a step in this direction. This app is still not live 3-D hair color try-on since it works on 2-D photos, but we will be making a few announcements over the next few weeks that, when taken together, clearly illustrate the impact that AR [augmented reality] will have on the hair industry.”

The new app enables users to submit a photo and choose from 24 hair shades offered by Vidal Sassoon. ModiFace has also implemented a social sharing function so users can show their results on Facebook or e-mail their new looks to friends and family.

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“Hair augmented reality will be even bigger than makeup augmented reality,” said Aarabi. “However, the really interesting question is that when taken as a whole, with hair, makeup and skin care, AR is in the process of significantly disrupting the beauty industry. We have seen this in the type of apps that brands are creating for mobile, or the types of in-store displays that brands are embracing. As a whole, beauty marketing is an entirely different game today than it was a few years ago, and AR is a big part of that.”