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Newcomer of the Year: Mass

WWD celebrates the newcomer of the year in the mass category.


Born out of the seemingly simple idea that hair products should be created for texture rather than ethnicity, Hair Rules, launched in 2008 by hairstylist Anthony Dickey and model Kara Young Georgiopoulos, was ahead of its time. As America’s multiethnic landscape continues to evolve and change the dynamics of the beauty business, 2012 marked a year that retailers began to take note. Looking to stock their shelves with products for consumers whose beauty needs surpassed those of their demographic delineations, Hair Rules enjoyed a distribution explosion. In March, the brand, which generated retail sales estimated to be between $3 million and $4 million this year, entered 184 Target doors, about 400 Walgreens stores, and ShopNBC. The brand also beefed up its online presence, with the first Hair Rules online question-and-answer series, in which Dickey personally addressed customers’ hair queries via video blog, further driving sales and educational content for consumers. For Dickey, who introduced four new products in 2012, including the brand’s first to address finer and straighter textures, the underlying message remains clear: “There is no one-size-fits-all. It is a multitextured world,” he said, adding that a Hair Rules kids’ line will bow in 2013.


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