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NuMe Arrives at Ulta Beauty

The hair-styling brand is launching three of its best-selling tools in Ulta Beauty stores and a larger assortment on the retailer’s e-commerce site.

Known for its tourmaline ceramic materials and far infrared technology, NuMe is bringing its collection of hair tools to Ulta Beauty.

“I’m an avid shopper [at Ulta Beauty] and love the way they remain true to having the latest and most innovative beauty brands,” said Sabrina Maren, chief executive officer of the brand. “Many of our core customers are already shopping at Ulta and we were excited to explore the opportunity to go from e-commerce to brick and mortar.”

Already available through Target and its own e-commerce site, NuMe is offering three of its best-selling tools at roughly 230 Ulta Beauty locations: the Megastar Hair Straightener, the Lustrum Curling Wand and the Classic Curling Wand.

With a negative ion light located at the base, the Megastar Hair Straightener is said to add shine and softness while straightening hair. The Lustrum Curling Wand, which contains five interchangeable barrels in varying sizes, gives the user multiple options to create curls or waves in the hair. Available in 19-millimeter, 25-millimeter and 32-millimeter barrels, the Classic Curling Wand is said to prevent frizz while curling hair. The tools range in price from $79 to $159.

“Traditionally when a product is needed or wanted, the first place we turn to is our friends at the beauty counters,” Maren said on why the brand wanted to enter Ulta Beauty’s brick-and-mortar locations. “Whenever you start to think about all of your beauty options, it’s natural that you want to compare them all side by side and experience them before committing to the purchase.”

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Along with the three best-sellers, NuMe is offering 18 products on Ulta Beauty’s e-commerce site, including additional hair curlers and straighteners, blow-dryers and argan oil. The products range in price from $15 to $199.

“We’re looking to attract savvy stylists that want a new perspective when it comes to hair styling and care,” she continued. “We’re also hoping to draw out our silent customers who have always wanted to hold the tool in their hands before making their first purchase.”

NuMe’s three best-selling tools will be available in-store at Ulta Beauty on Sept. 17. The larger assortment is available now on the retailer’s e-commerce site. The brand declined to comment on estimated retail sales.