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Nutrafol Patents Hair Supplement Ingredient Blend

The business makes supplements meant to reduce hair loss.

Hair growth supplement brand Nutrafol has received a patent for an ingredient blend meant to promote hair growth.

Nutrafol’s Synergen Complex, which received a patent this summer, is a proprietary blend of medical-grade botanicals meant to promote hair growth. Cofounder Roland Peralta noted it is rare for supplements to be awarded patents because it is difficult to prove the product’s effectiveness — he considers it a major feat for the brand, and said that Nutrafol is the first hair wellness supplement to receive a patent on its blend of ingredients featured in its product formulation. The brand also leverages more than 10 other patents on their ingredient extraction method, he said. 

Nutrafol founders Giorgos Tsetis, Roland Peralta and Sophia Kogan started the brand in 2015 when they were all experiencing, and looking for a solution for, hair loss. 

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“We were all obsessed with taking charge of our health and finding holistic ways to heal ourselves,” said Peralta. “Essentially, we were self-proclaimed biohackers.” 

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Nutrafol’s product lineup includes Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Men, and Nutrafol Women Balance, which specifically targets women going through menopause. Each bottle contains a one-month supply and is priced at $88, or $78 for subscribers. The brand also offers a range of booster products, which are specialized formulations that target customers’ specific health concerns that are related to hair loss. 

The brand partners with universities and leading experts to identify and develop new hair-growth promoting ingredients, and routinely invests a large portion of its funds into testing the efficacy of its products, including the Synergen Complex. 

“We’re spending so much money with these partners and we’re working on some breakthrough technologies. We’ve already prepared provisional patents. We have four already processed. We have another four behind that,” said Peralta. “We’re very ambitious about the future in terms of developing proprietary, innovative technology that I think will continue to disrupt the sector and will continue to be a game-changer in this category.”

Nutrafol has gained new customers during the coronavirus pandemic as consumers continue to prioritize wellness and curate their routines, according to the company. “Hair has become a wellness priority for consumers and people are stepping up their wellness routines,” said Peralta. This validates how relevant Nutrafol is in today’s society.” 

Nutrafol continues to see an increase in recurring revenue month over month, according to the brand

“We have seen tremendous growth over the last six months and we absolutely attribute it to the pandemic,” said Peralta. “Nutrafol is a pandemic-proof business.”

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