John Paul Mitchell Systems is twisting things up with the introduction of a line developed for curly and wavy-haired consumers, which the brand says accounts for 55 percent of the total global population.

Expected to generate $15 million worldwide in its first year at retail, Paul Mitchell Curls includes styling and care products designed to control frizz and allow curls to retain their shape.

“It’s been an interesting journey in terms of this category,” said Nikola Cline, senior director of marketing for Paul Mitchell. “It’s so emotionally driven. It’s love and it’s hate, but whatever it is, it is a passionate, strong opinion.”

The collection is comprised of Spring Loaded Detangling Shampoo, which is designed to detangle, cleanse and condition at once; strand-replenishing Full Circle Leave-In Treatment; Ultimate Wave, a cream-gel for “beachy” texture, and Twirl Around Curl Definer, a two-part blend of hydrating cream and smoothing gel. Products range from $14 to $22.

According to Cline, the time was right for this launch because consumers — across gender, age and cultural demographics — are accepting their natural textures more so than in the past.

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“Women and men of all ages and demographics are embracing their curls,” said Cline, who added that this demographic is “always in search of that holy grail product. It is time to embrace that demographic and provide high-performance products to embrace texture, rather than fight with it.”

The line will bow in professional salons and Paul Mitchell schools in 86 countries across the globe, beginning Oct. 1.

To get the word out, Paul Mitchell will focus mostly on digital and social marketing. “We reached out to, which helped us dive deep into the world of ‘curlies,’” said Orion Hand, director of web marketing. “This gave us great insight into how they use products and how they communicate.”

Beginning Sept. 4, the brand introduced an interactive campaign, called The Truth About Curls. The microsite, found at, features beauty bloggers like Michelle Phan, Leandra Medine and Christine Cameron, who encourage their followers to share their “curl confessions.” A number of those who did (more than 26,000 participated within the first week across Twitter, Instagram and the microsite) received deluxe sample trios of the range. “That emotional tie-in to curly hair has no better place than the online community,” added Hand.

The advertising campaign for the collection — which will bow in November consumer magazines — will include three naturally curly or wavy haired bloggers; Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge, Claire Geist of De Lune and Beth Jones of B Jones Style. The site also offers a “Curl-o-Meter” frizz-forecast based on users’ zip codes, polls, styling tips and behind-the-scene video from the ad campaign.

“We are really looking to appeal to the millennial demographic, which is highly engaged and makes decisions at the speed of light,” said Hand. “We wanted a campaign that would resonate with them in an authentic way. We wanted people to see themselves in it.”