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Dermatological Hair Brand Entering U.S.

French beauty conglomerate Pierre Fabre is bringing its professional hair treatment range, Ducray, to America under its Glytone brand.

After identifying a trend toward more treatment-oriented hair-care regimens in the U.S., French beauty conglomerate Pierre Fabre is bringing its professional hair treatment range, Ducray, to America under its Glytone brand.

Due for launch on Wednesday, Glytone by Ducray will be distributed through about 3,000 doctors’ offices in the U.S. The line consists of seven products designed to combat scalp irritation or address chronic and occasional hair loss.

“There are two main categories treated in physicians’ offices — hair loss and scaly scalp,” said Maria Gutierrez, marketing manager for Glytone. “There are not a lot of brands out there in the physician-dispensed [channel]. Some are dispensing Rogaine, and some products that target hair loss, but they are often products sold in retail and physicians prefer more exclusive [offerings].”

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Glytone, which was founded as a dermatological skin-care company in the U.S., was acquired by Pierre Fabre in 2002, while the treatment-focused hair brand Ducray, also owned by Pierre Fabre, has been sold since the Thirties in Europe. The thinking behind launching the Ducray line under the Glytone brand, according to Gutierrez, was to reach the same distribution channel: doctor’s offices and select e-commerce outlets like In addition, she said the move seemed timely because of the proliferation of skin-care-inspired hair-care launches in the past year.

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“The connection between our skin-care [business] and hair care is the [efficacy],” she said. “The medical ingredients are the same quality as Glytone skin care, it’s a hair-care line that is cosmetic but with very strong ingredients, which is what physicians were looking for.”

According to Gutierrez, the seven products, which are already available via international markets, represent a selection of the brand’s top-selling items.

Within the Ducray Hair Loss range, priced from $25 to $95, are four products — Anaphase Cream Shampoo, Neopide Hair Lotion Spray, Anastim Hair Lotion Concentrate and Anacaps Dietary Supplement. Each is formulated with hair-growing agents like tocopheryl nicotinate and biotin and hair-strengthening vitamins like bioflavonoids to deposit nutrients on the hair bulb. The Scaly Scalp range is made up of three shampoos; Elution Shampoo, $20; Kertyol P.S.O. Shampoo, $28, and Kelual DS Shampoo, $27, which utilize ingredients like salicylic acid and licorice root for scalp exfoliation and soothing.

“We have a pharmaceutical research and development department, and the products are dermatologically tested to avoid any reaction,” said Gutierrez, adding that the brand is also responding to a sensitive-skin trend in the U.S. “The formulas have strong ingredients but are ultimately not damaging the scalp.”

While the brand would not disclose numbers, industry sources estimate the range could generate $1 million to $1.5 million in its first year in the U.S.

Over the next 12 to 24 months, Glytone by Ducray will continue to be extended, with brand new products in the U.S. as well as a focus on expansion, primarily through South America and the Middle East.