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Two professional hair brands have a new parent.

Recently formed umbrella company Cutter + Stiles has just announced it will oversee the existing technology-focused Kevin Murphy hair care brand as well as a new indie hair line called Bangstyle, launching to salons in April.

“The special salon industry has been void of innovation,” said Rick Kornbluth, chief executive officer of Cutter + Stiles. “Bangstyle takes a revolutionary approach: a brand created by the target audience for themselves.”

Inspired by and designed with the help of Los Angeles-based artists, hairdressers and photographers, Bangstyle’s founder, Geoff Nelson, wanted the 14-stockkeeping-unit collection to reflect the “street-savvy” sensibilities of the “urban arts movement.”

Industry sources say Bangstyle, which is targeted at style- and value-conscious 18- to 34-year-olds, could generate $20 million at retail in the first year. Bangstyle will be available globally in 5,000 doors by the end of 2012, in countries like Australia, Germany, Sweden and the U.K. By 2013, plans are in place for Bangstyle to have a presence in up to 7,000 salon distribution points worldwide.

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Ranging from $15 for a shampoo to $20 for a styling spray, products are designed to mimic an artist’s tools, i.e., hair spray is housed in a vessel that looks like a spray paint can.

At the center of Bangstyle’s marketing plan is its “destination” Web site, meant as a tool for bloggers to share and discover trends related to fashion, beauty and the arts. According to the brand, the site has attracted close to 1 million unique visitors per month since its July 2011 launch.

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