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Reamir Barbershop to Give 100 Free Haircuts

In advance of Father's Day, cuts will be given to out-of-work men.

In advance of Father’s Day on Sunday, barbershop Reamir & Co. will give out free haircuts and hair care products during the week at the firm’s 251 East 57th Street location to fathers who have lost their jobs due to the economic downturn.

Plans call for free haircuts to be given to the first 100 men who show up to the salon today and Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, free bottles of shampoo, conditioner and gel are to be given to the first 100 out-of-work fathers who come into the store.

Each of the hair products is valued at more than $37, according to the firm.

Arthur Rubinoff, owner of Reamir & Co., said: “I came to the United States from the former Soviet Union as a young boy and saw firsthand how people suffer from economic cutbacks. It has always given me pleasure to help other people.”