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Rene Furterer’s Smooth Move

Rene Furterer is aiming to simplify fighting frizz.

René Furterer is aiming to simplify fighting frizz.

Since the professional brand’s current frizz-fighting range, Fioravanti, has been found to be “a bit confusing,” said Thierry Chenain, president of René Furterer, “we decided to use new technology and focus a new line specifically on antifrizz and controlling flyaways.” Fioravanti, he explained, also makes items that address shine and volume, sending it into “Who is this for?” territory.

So, as Furterer currently phases out the antifrizz portion of Fioravanti, a new frizz-fighting line, Myrrhea Anti-Frizz, is set to launch. Myrrhea Anti-Frizz enters salons in October; it launched to Sephora this month, and is expected to generate more than $5 million in first-year sales. Industry sources estimate the $140 million global brand generates about $30 million in the U.S., up 20 percent over the previous year, attributed to increased distribution. About 70 percent of the brand’s distribution comprises salons; the other 30 percent is specialty stores.

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While antifrizz products became must-have items in the early Nineties, most notably with mass market John Frieda’s Frizz Ease, Chenain said that today eight out of 10 women use frizz-fighting items.

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Pierre Fabre, Furterer’s Paris-based parent, helped the salon brand uncover two new ingredients to update formulas. The first is myrrhea, of which the line is named after, to coat hair and eliminate frizz and flyaways. Avocado oil is used to relax the hair fiber and nourish dry hair.

An oriental floral aroma uses lemon and orange as its top notes, rose and violet as its middle notes and amber oriental as its base note. The line will consist of three items, a Silkening Shampoo ($23), a Silkening Conditioner (3.7-oz. tube for $23) and a leave-in Silkening Fluid ($30).

To market the new line the brand has created new in-store visuals that combine images of nature and technology. Point-of-sale material has also been created to promote the products.

Packaging of Myrrhea is now red, a departure from the usual green bottles most Furterer items use.