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Revitalash Bets Big on Hair

The brand will launch a six-product hair collection called ReGenesis, which is designed to strengthen and increase volume.

In March, RevitaLash, makers of lash and brow serums, will launch a six-product hair collection called ReGenesis, which is designed to strengthen and increase volume. The line will also feature the repackaged Hair Advanced, a hair volume enhancer the company launched in 2008.

The RevitaLash team always felt like they had a star on their hands with Hair Advanced. After all, the product was born out of consumer demand. “We learned that people loved the results from our lash and brow products and had started to put them on their hair,” said Terry Katz, RevitaLash vice president of business development. “That was our impetus to develop Hair Advanced.” But in the years since its launch, the product has lingered on shelves, alone — and pricy, at $149 for 1.5 oz. — from a brand known for lashes. “Imagine looking at a shelf of products in a salon, and there’s this one thing sitting there that’s $150,” said Katz. “Customers were like, ‘What is it — a hot oil treatment?’”

RevitaLash decided to address the marketing problem by building an entire line around its key product. That new collection features a shampoo, conditioner, mask, two treatments and a serum. “Where other companies may have a dry hair line or a colored hair line, our development and research team are focused on the needs of fine and thinning hair,” said Sabrina Little, director, marketing and product development at RevitaLash. “We’re asking: what do those consumers need? Is it a root lifter for blow-drying? What’s out there that protects fragile hair strands? What’s the newest technology?”

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The Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner are $34 and $36, respectively and both contain flax protein that reportedly creates a plumping effect on strands. The Detox Hair & Scalp Masque, $42, focuses on scalp health with belarus bioactive silt that is said to lift impurities from the skin. Two hair volume enhancers, Micro-Targeting Spray and Fast-Absorbing Foam (formerly known as Hair Advanced), $149 each, are the line’s hero products. They’re powered by a proprietary biopeptin complex, a blend of peptides that is said to strengthen hair. The spray also benefits from a new technology called revitasome, a layered, time-released delivery system. “Think of an onion’s layers. This delivery vehicle has alternating water-soluble and fat-soluble layers that dissolve over time. The spray is great for women because it has more hair care ingredients to address breakage and brittleness,” said Little. The Spot Serum, $40, includes a roller-ball packaging that delivers a warming, vitamin-enriched formula that RevitaLash reports helps prevent breakage.

In marketing and distributing ReGenesis, RevitaLash hopes to capitalize on the success of its well-established products, while still driving home the uniqueness of the new launch. “While we’re still at the beginning stages [with ReGenesis], we have a running start because of the network we have in place. We already have 6,000 spas that carry RevitaLash,” said Katz. He added that East Coast Salon Service, a large beauty distributor, has already picked up the collection. Advertising plans are still developing, but New Beauty magazine and others like it are print targets. And Katz isn’t ruling out consumer magazines either: “Because we’ve been around for a long time, we have deep pockets. With RevitaLash, we’ve done Allure, Town and Country, Redbook and InStyle,” he added. The brand is also partnering with Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa in New York City to create a hair and scalp treatment using ReGenesis.

The company estimates the collection could generate $5 million in first year retail sales. “For a hundred years, the stagecoach has been pulling into town promising a solution for fine and thinning hair,” said Katz. “With these products, the science has finally caught up with the promise.” ReGenesis will be available on in March.