BCL Naturals

Sally Beauty isn’t letting the natural beauty movement pass it by.

The beauty supply chain is introducing hair-care products from BCL Naturals and Nature’s Gate in January to step up its assortment free of the beauty industry’s boogeyman ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Although professional hair-care purveyors have been slower to embrace green formulas than their skin-care and cosmetics counterparts, they are steadily entering the natural territory as consumer interest soars in healthy lifestyles across the board from the eating to showering.

“The beauty customer is increasingly more savvy about ingredients that are both good for them and good for the environment. Supporting market data shows this trend has been growing for a number of years and picking up momentum,” said Linda Voracek, group vice president of merchandising at Sally Beauty. “It only makes sense that we provide our hair-care customers these options.”

BCL Naturals is making its debut at Sally Beauty with eight products divided into two lines: Repair & Reconstruct containing the organic ingredients sea kelp, carrot seed oil, quinoa protein and aloe vera, and Intense Hydration driven by the organic ingredients soy protein, avocado oil, lavender oil and, again, carrot seed oil. The two lines have shampoo and conditioner. In addition, the Repair & Reconstruct range features leave-in treatment mist and deep conditioning masque, and the Intense Hydration range features leave-in conditioning cream and daily mist. The mists are $10.99 each, while the other products are $11.99.

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“Organic products have been growing in all personal-care categories and, clearly, people are looking for more organic products in professional hair care, but they’ve been dissatisfied with the performance of the natural products out there,” said Tricia Buenvenida, director of marketing at Costa Mesa, Calif.-based BCL Naturals owner Bio Creative Labs. “We want people to go into Sally and say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a high-performance, high-end line, but I can buy it at Sally.’ I think they will be excited to find something that smells delicious and actually works.”

Jason Freeman, whose family members have helmed an array of beauty businesses, including Freeman Cosmetics and The Freeman Group, founded Bio Creative Labs 16 years ago with the initial purpose of spreading products fueled by essential oils and natural extracts to nail salons. BCL Spa, the nail salon products specialist, and Petal Fresh are among the brands in the company’s portfolio today. Levlad LLC produces Nature’s Gate, which has been a staple of natural grocers the likes of Whole Foods and Sprouts. The Chatsworth, Calif., firm is also a large contract personal-care manufacturer.

Voracek explained Sally Beauty decided to launch BCL Naturals and Nature’s Gate in its stores in an effort to fill voids in its hair-care offering. “Both Nature’s Gate and BCL bring products that perform and meet hair challenges that our customers face,” she said. “Our partner with BCL has roots in the professional beauty business, and Nature’s Gate is the number-one manufacturer in the mass environment. They were perfect choices for us to pursue.”

As of Sept. 30, Sally Beauty Holdings Inc. operated 2,917 Sally Beauty Supply locations in the U.S. aimed at retail customers and salon professionals that house an average of 8,000 stockkeeping units. To stand out in the sea of merchandise, Buenvenida said BCL Naturals will be spotlighted in Sally Beauty windows in February and on displays at the entrances of the stores. She exclaimed, “We are going in big.”