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Seven Salon Features Tunes, Brews, Art and Portia de Rossi

Seven is launching Kente Bond with Portia de Rossi as its Bond Girl.

At Seven salon, disc jockeys spin tunes seven days a week as stylists craft haircuts suited to clients’ bone structure. An ode to the art of hairstyling, the salon is adorned with gallery-worthy pieces such as a Kandinsky, among others.

Most recently, Seven turned up the wattage for its retail hair care, working with actress Portia de Rossi in its most recent advertising campaign for an upcoming launch.

Seven isn’t located in hairstyling capitals such as New York City or Los Angeles, instead the salon is in Bellevue, Washington — a market better known for coffee versus coiffures. That’s not overlooked, Seven’s baristas serve up fresh brew with beauty. The salon hopes to change that thinking as it seeks to expand its distribution to salons.

“We don’t just serve good coffee, we have great service and a great environment for our clients and for our stylists,” explained Ryan Sieverson, Seven hair care’s president, a 22-year veteran to the professional salon industry. Seven was founded 10 years ago with four stylists. Since then, the salon relocated to Bellevue and sports a team of 65.

It was the stylists who requested products that were less “heavy” than what was used on the back bar, nudging Seven into the retail business. “We created the products ourselves,” said Sieverson of the line that includes 30 items. Over the past two years, the line has been elevated in regard to formulas and packaging. Divided into multiple segments by results such as shine or boosting volume, prices range from $26 to $33 and are sold at the salon, on the company’s web site and through 400 partner salons.

As it seeks greater salon penetration, Seven is rolling out two retail products and tapping its first celebrity to generate a buzz.

Salon Taps Portia de Rossi to
Ryan Sieverson

“In 2018 we are growing eastward,” said Sieverson, adding Seven has its eye on national and international growth with Australia its first market outside of the U.S. That’s fortuitous for Seven as it recently tapped Australian native de Rossi to promote its newest launch called Kente Bond system. “She’s our first Bond Girl,” said Sieverson. She’ll be used in social channels, Seven’s web site and professional print ads.

Khristina Kravas, Seven’s director of marketing, elaborated. “She has great hair, but she’s also an artist and that ties into our DNA. She has a strong personal sense of style.”

Kente Bond system addresses a growing need to strengthen tresses following consumer demand to dramatically change up hair color. “Our colorists have been pushing boundaries with creative coloring. It comes with a price for the health of the hair. When you bleach hair and use aggressive colorants, you are breaking the bond. Our new product launch brings bond repair to home care,” Sieverson said. The collection ranges in price, the shampoo for $28 and the conditioner and restorative spray for $30 each.

Salon Taps Portia de Rossi to
Khristina Kravas

The other launch is a biotin supplement within Seven’s Satara collection called Opti. “We know our clients are looking for new ways to ensure hair health,” said Sieverson. “They know that beauty starts from within.” This biotin supplement fused with a blend of botanicals retails for $45 for a two-month supply that is teed up to the typical return visit to a salon. “People buy their first purchase on hope. But we know when they return they’ll realize their hair and nails are stronger and longer and want to purchase again.”

Beyond its retail aspirations, the salon continues to respond to consumer demands. For example, noticing clients loved taking bathroom selfies, the salon installed favorable bathroom lighting and added hashtags on the mirrors. Those touches helped Seven score as a top producer per square foot in the tony Bellevue Mall, ranking amongst elite retailers like Tesla, Apple and Tiffany and Co.