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T3 Launches New Wands, First Influencer Campaign

The brand has tapped influencers, including Arielle Vandenberg and Brittany Xavier.

Hair tools business T3 is jumping on the influencer train.

The company is connecting its products with people for its first major influencer campaign — #PowerWithin — coming out this August.

“It’s the first of its kind for T3,” said Karolina Bakalarova, the brand’s vice president of marketing. “We’re touching consumers across multiple platforms. It’s anchored in this message of power comes from within — tied to the products, and the women who use them.”

The campaign is geared toward talking about the power of T3 tools as well as women, Bakalarova continued. “While we’re still talking about the product and the powerful technology, [this campaign allows us to] connect with women in a new way.”

Industry sources expect the moves — with influencers such as Arielle Vandenberg (@areielle, one million Instagram followers) and Brittany Xavier (@thriftsandthreads, 652,000 Instagram followers) — to contribute to projected strong double-digit growth in 2017.

For the #PowerWithin campaign, T3 asked 100 influencers and editors what makes them feel empowered, then printed their respective “empoword(s)” on a custom T-shirt, and asked them to style as they saw fit. Starting in August, the influencers will be sharing those images, aiming to spark conversation with their followers. T3 has tapped six core influencers, including Vandenberg and Xavier, and will release video clips of the stories behind their words.

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“They’re going to share this message and partnership with their audiences, explaining what the word means to them, encouraging their fans and audiences to share their own words,” Bakalarova said. “We’re hoping it’ll spark this positive, inspiring message and conversation.”

T3 will also place 30- and 60-second video advertisements on Instagram, Facebook and other platforms.

T3 Launches New Wands, First Influencer
T3 is making an advertising push.

The marketing moves come as the brand debuts two new styling wands and the option to buy the Power Base handle solo for the first time, effectively allowing consumers to mix, match and customize their own styling kits.

Two new barrels are also set to launch into T3’s assortment this fall. One, a 1.5-inch Voluminous Curls clip wand, is meant to create what Bakalarova describes as “a blowout-like polished look.” The other, Cascading Waves, has a reverse taper barrel and is meant to help create more volume at the root of the hair. “The thinner part is closer to your roots, so it allows you to get a tighter curl higher up,” Bakalarova said.