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Ted Gibson Headed Back Into Products With Starring Line

The celebrity and editorial stylist will unveil Starring, a five-item styling line, in March, when it will be available for pre-order.

Ted Gibson is headed back into the hair product business with a little something extra.

The celebrity and editorial stylist will unveil Starring, a five-item styling line, in March, when it will be available for pre-order. And when he says star, he means it quite literally: there is powder from meteorites — aka stardust — in every product.

And the inclusion isn’t for novelty value. Gibson noted that the stardust provides hair conditioning and mineral protection, and promotes keratin production.

The collection, two years in the making, consists of five stockkeeping units: Runway Ready Volumizing Mist, $48; ShowStopper Volume Gelee, $38; Beautifullest Powerball Styler, $62; Supersexy Foaming Mousse, $52, and Fixed on Your Finishing Spray, $42. Each product has a long-lasting fig fragrance. Packaging is in deep jewel tones with a rose-gold peacock icon.

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The line was extensively tested at Gibson’s Flatiron salon, which he and business partner and husband Jason Backe established in 2005. The pair opened a second salon, in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in 2011, and also operate a hairdressing academy, founded three years ago.

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“As a hairdresser, I wanted to create something that I knew a hairdresser would be able to use to create that red-carpet editorial moment, and then the guest being able to do the same thing for themselves at home,” said Gibson. “Styling is my forte, so we’re launching with styling products only. We didn’t want to make just another shampoo, because the world has enough of those.”

The star product is the Beautifullest Powerball Styler, which adopts rollerball technology from the fragrance industry and transfers it to hair care. The applicator allows for very targeted application, noted Gibson.

In fact, Gibson noted that he has a go-to recipe for volume on cover shoots, runways and everything else he does: “I use the Beautifullest on the scalp and section the hair and rub it all the way through. Then I use Runway Ready throughout the rest of the hair, and follow with ShowStopper gel and Supersexy from the midlength to the ends, and then I blow dry. Then I use Fixed on You.”

Four additional skus are in development and likely to launch this fall, said Gibson.

Gibson and Backe, who met when Gibson was teaching at Aveda in Minneapolis (Gibson likes to point out Backe, then a student, walked out of his classes more than once), launched their first hair-care line in 2008; it was discontinued a few years ago, although devotees still clamor for the line’s Hair Sheets, which can be found for a pretty penny on eBay.

“The first time anyone tries something new, there’s a huge learning curve,” said Backe. “We learned a lot about the way department stores work, a lot about the way that editors work, the way manufacturing works. It was a process of trial and error. We have ‘real-life’ MBAs. Also, we were in a different place in our careers then. We launched things because we thought we should. Now we’re only making what we feel is revolutionary.”

Also, said Gibson, the “Gibson Girl” — his pet name for his female clients, who include Lupita Nyong’o, Brie Larson and Angelina Jolie — has grown up since the first line was established and then discontinued. “She’s more sophisticated, more grown up, her interests have changed,” he said.

That first line was originally available in prestige distribution, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bendel’s and Sephora, and he later made certain products available to Target in a deal with the Minneapolis-based retailer. For Starring, Gibson and Backe are targeting upscale specialty retailers and salons, and will also sell the products in their salons and online. Backe noted that the duo hope to be on counter in specialty retail by July, and to be in 50 to 75 doors by yearend. By the end of the second year, they’re aiming for 200 doors.