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EXCLUSIVE: Tracee Ellis Ross Introduces Pattern Beauty’s First Heat Tool, a Blow Dryer

Two years in the making, the device is out Monday.

“It felt like I was taking the sun out of the box,” Tracee Ellis Ross said of her newest product, the Pattern Beauty blow dryer — which features a new hue for the brand, caramella. “It’s so freakin’ pretty.”

Two years in the making, it’s the company’s first heat tool.

The actress, activist and founder of the hair company, which she introduced in 2019, said the launch reflects a “perfect evolution” of where the brand is today.

A closer look at the new tool. Courtesy of Pattern Beauty

“It extends the story of what’s possible with our hair without damage, while leaning into texture, while leaning into your natural curl patterns, but finding new and exciting ways to style it, to stretch it, to shape it and to cut down on drying time,” Ross went on.

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Made for curly, coily and tight-textured hair, as with all her products, Ross looked to provide functionality and ease. Chatting over Zoom, she unveiled the device with glee, describing every element.

What was the most surprising or challenging aspect of its design and fabrication?

“You can’t get one until you’ve committed to it,” she said. “You have to make all the decisions based on samples, 3D models.”

To get started, she had to evaluate the various engines available on the market. Weight was a key factor, as was design. The switches and cold shot button are easy to access, she explained, and the filter is detachable for cleaning. The dryer itself, all one uniform color — cord included, she happily noted — can be held in a number of ways as it doesn’t get hot to the touch.

The $20 Pattern Beauty Heat Protectant Spray.

“Only the attachments do,” she added.

Attachable in two directions, the dryer comes with four attachments: a diffuser, wide-tooth comb, brush and concentrator nozzle. Available Monday on, the entirety is priced at $189. She’s also introducing two new products that complement the tool, a Heat Protectant Spray and Shine Spray, retailing for $20 each.

“You don’t have [to have] a brush in one hand and a blow dryer in another,” she said. “We can retool and rejigger the experience so that it’s more user-friendly for the curly, coily and tight-textured customer.”

With a multichannel approach, that customer has been growing, she said: “The consumer that’s at Sephora is different from the consumer at Ulta [Beauty], is different from who’s buying things at Amazon or going to Every customer has a different way that they connect to their hair care. Some people want to be in a store…and then there’s some people that never go in stores.”

There are more launches to come at Pattern Beauty, she added, “other pieces to the heat experience that we’ll be rolling out as the year progresses.”