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Truhair Color & Lift Releases Version for Those on the Go

More than 50,000 units are expected to sell within 24 hours.

Root touch-up is the healthiest segment of the hair-color market. That’s verified by Chelsea Scott who founded Truhair in 2012 as a way to deliver products to reduce bad hair days. One of the bestsellers in her lineup is Color & Lift, which not only matches hair color, instantly covering gray, but also does double-duty filling in sparse or thinning spots on the scalp.

Color & Lift, which launched in 2012, is the number-one-selling hair-color product on HSN and has been since its debut. What separates Color & Lift from myriad competitors, according to Scott, is a powder formula (a blend of vitamin E, mica and other ingredients), which adheres better to hair as well as provides the opportunity to add ingredients such as fibers for volume.

“I was dealing with gray roots forever. Gray roots don’t discriminate, you can have them in your twenties or eighties,” said Scott, a longtime veteran of the beauty industry. “I went to a salon supply store but found the options fake. I knew there had to be a better way.” That improved option was the use of powders and a unique brush, she said.

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To keep the momentum going, Truhair is unveiling a Color & Lift To Go version on HSN on May 15, 2017. More than 50,000 units are expected to sell within 24 hours.

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The .3-ounce color liner features a special component to allow the signature powder to be distributed through the cap of a pen-like container that can be easily carried in a purse for instant touch-ups. Color & Lift To Go retails for $18.

As part of the launch, Truhair is adding a gray shade for the first time. “The number-one thing people asked us was when we would add gray,” said Scott, noting even those with silver tresses have roots and want more volume.

Also new from Truhair is Revive & Style, a mousse and temporary hair color launched last month. The company said more volume-building products are in the pipeline. Estimates are that at least 40 million men and another 40 million women believe their hair is thinning (a number that could be higher since not all people are open to discussing the issue).

Telling the story is Scott’s passion and HSN offers that platform, but the company has added physical stores such as Ricky’s and specialty boutiques. There are plans to expand to more bricks-and-mortar that allow the right environment to present the product, according to Ryan Sullivan, chief executive officer of Truhair. Truhair recently relaunched its web site and launched on Amazon.

There will also be a big social media push behind the Color & Lift franchise to “bridge” the gap between younger consumers and the slightly older home shopping channel customers. Influencers will be tapped to help broaden the reach.

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