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Warren-Tricomi Opens Airport Location

Warren-Tricomi has partnered with XpresSpa to open a new salon in LaGuardia Airport.

Just in time for the end-of-year travel rush, Warren-Tricomi has partnered with XpresSpa to open a new salon in LaGuardia Airport. WTGO: Warren-Tricomi at XpresSpa LaGuardia Airport has a service menu that is tailored to the time-conscious traveller, with shortened services such as a 20-minute wash and blow dry and a 30-minute hair trim. Prices range from $15 for a leave-in conditioning treatment to $95 for a sheer glaze application and blow dry. “The airport is a perfect spot for beauty [services]. Either you’re departing and want to look good when you get to your destination or you’re arriving and don’t have time to get [a service at a] hotel and want a blow out,” said Warren-Tricomi’s master colorist and cofounder Joel Warren. “We’ve customized our high-end services for a demanding client with a time frame in mind.”

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Although the project is a licensing agreement between the two companies, Warren-Tricomi has trained all the staff at its LaGuardia outpost. “I personally get in there and train them,” said master hairstylist and cofounder Edward Tricomi. “[Education] is the difference in what we do. We’re right on the battlefield with our troops, so to speak. It’s very important to me that we maintain the quality we’re known for.”

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Warren-Tricomi has extended its brand into international markets with a string of high-end salons in India and, opening in March, another full-service salon in Japan. The LaGuardia unit is the company’s first venture to use the express-salon-in-an-airport model, and the cofounders see it as a unique expansion opportunity. “You have 25 million people coming through LaGuardia every year — there will be 25 million people coming through to see our brand. It’s a great branding experience, and we’re definitely going to expand into it and make it work,” said Warren. “I can’t imagine us not growing this business.” A line of travel-sized products is also in the works for 2015.