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Zendaya Inks Spokesperson Deal With CHI

Hair-care, styling and hair-color brand CHI has signed a deal with Zendaya, which makes the singer and Disney Channel actress the brand’s first-ever spokesperson.

Hair-care, styling and hair-color brand CHI has signed a deal with Zendaya, making the singer and Disney Channel actress the brand’s first spokesperson.

“I think it’s going to be an exciting year for both of us,” Zendaya, who turned 19 on Sept. 1, told WWD. “I was interested in partnering with CHI because most people know I’m someone [who] has a different look every time I step out on the red carpet.

“Hair, for me, has been a way to experiment, grow and find out more about myself and develop my confidence,” she continued. “I think everyone should be able to enjoy experimenting with their hair, but unfortunately we all come across the same problem, that being heat damage. I’ve definitely had my share of problems when it comes to learning how to protect and take care of my hair as well as embracing my natural texture. So I really appreciate the fact that CHI has so many products geared toward just that…protecting and preventing damage to the hair. I’m excited to be able to share my healthy hair journey with other people and help people learn how to find their style.”

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Basim Shami, chief executive officer of Farouk Systems, parent company of CHI, noted that he’s hoping to draw in more Millennial consumers via Zendaya. “We felt we needed to tap into the new generation, and decided we wanted a celebrity ambassador who is young, has a high social profile and is known for her hair,” he said. “That made Zendaya the logical choice. Mothers have been using CHI; now we want their daughters, especially those from 12 to 22, to discover the brand.”

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Shami noted that the company plans several initiatives and integrations with Zendaya, including social media, marketing and potential product collections. A digital campaign will break later this month, and print advertising will begin running in fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines beginning in spring 2016 — after a planned November shoot. Videos and behind-the-scenes offerings will also be shared via Zendaya’s social media channels; she currently has more than 25 million followers, added Shami.

One of the first ads will feature a favorite CHI product of Zendaya’s, the Touch 2 Touch Screen Dryer — “it’s a touch screen dryer, people!” she said, adding that another favorite is the Argan Oil Haircare Collection.

Zendaya is also keeping quite busy at her day jobs. “We’re currently filming the second season of “K.C. Undercover” and I’m also working extremely hard on my next album, and a million other things,” she said.

And expect more to come from Farouk Systems, which recently created a marketing department to explore acquisitions and celebrity ambassadors. “We will be continuing to expand,” Shami said. As part of the new department, Farouk Systems inked Lucy Hale to a similar deal for another company Farouk Systems owns, Blowpro. Farouk Systems also has the Kardashian Beauty styling tools line, created by Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian.