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19 Indie Skin Care Launches This Fall

The latest launches from female-founded skin-care brands and what to expect in the year ahead.

Female-founded skin-care brands are driving the buzz in the indie beauty category. Here, a look at 19 fall launches from female-founded brands and what to expect from them in the year ahead.

Pacifica Rose Crystal Targeted Face Mask, $8.

“We’ve always had an innovative and irreverent take on wellness, and we’ll continue to create products that hold true to our core value: compassion for women, animals and the plant.” —Brook Harvey-Taylor, president and founder.

Flesh Shimmer Dimmer Mattifying Stick, $18.

“Our objective is to increase the awareness of Flesh, testing and learning from a variety of digital tactics. New products are coming, which expand our brand values of inclusivity and style, and we love them.” —Linda Wells, founder.

Honest Beauty Everything Primer Matte, $21.99.

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“We’re focused on making our products accessible to as many people as possible by expanding our distribution both domestically and internationally.” —Jessica Alba, founder.

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First Aid Beauty Hello FAB Kona Eye Stick, $24.

“Our vision is to deliver accessible, effective and clean beauty products that address universal skin issues and can be used safely by all skin types, even the most sensitive.” —Lilli Gordon, ceo and founder.

Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask, $30.

“What makes our work joyful is our family-like culture. We were honestly in my mother’s house until a few years ago. While we never want to go back to the garage, we never want to change that family dynamic.” — Victoria Tsai, founder.

Peach & Lily K-beauty Rescue Balm, $28.

“We’re focused on content and community building and continuing to build a great omnichannel experience.” —Alicia Yoon, ceo and founder.

M-61 Vitablast C Serum Pad, $38 for box of 10.

“The success of our PowerGlow Peel inspired me to create an entire routine in a pad format. After four years, I fulfilled my dream.” —Marla Malcolm Beck, ceo and co-founder.

Loli Beauty Plum Butter, $38.

“We’re focusing on refining product market fit, including immersive retail experiences and launching a key partnership in holistic wellness.” —Tina Hedges, ceo and founder.

Angela Caglia Facial in a Mask, $70 for box of three.

“We want to keep creating products that are good for the skin, efficacious, luxurious and multiuse.” —Angela Caglia, ceo and founder.

Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius Line-Filling Eye Balm, $62.

“We have a lot of newly discovered ingredients that we will be coming forth in 2019. In terms of distribution strategy, we’re carefully selecting retail partners that have an active client base that aligns with our brand ethos.” —Kendra Kolb Butler, founder.

Olìe Biologique RoseGlow Drops Daily Radiance Face Oil, $78.

“We think it’s critical to step outside of our online distribution and social media to offer customers an experiential treatment. Off-line retail has been a focus as we look to meet our followers and community.” —Linda Thompson, ceo and founder.

One Ocean Beauty Revitalizing Sea Serum, $98.

“With the barriers of entry lowered in the marketplace and a plethora of new brands, it’s important for us to differentiate our messaging and ingredient story. Communicating our innovation and efficacy, our price-value ratio, unique giveback model and overall integrity will be pivotal to our long-term growth.” —Marcella Cacci, ceo and founder.

Alchimie Forever Advanced Retinol Serum, $99.

“Our goal is to continue to democratize luxury beauty, making prestige skin-care products and active formulations more approachable and available to people everywhere. We do this through our messaging, focusing on the connection between skin care and self care, reminding consumers that taking care of one’s skin and getting a facial is not for the Ladies Who Lunch, but an essential investment in one’s self.” —Ada Polla, ceo.

Indie Lee Stem Cell Serum, $135.

“This past year, we elevated packaging and positioning, and we’re currently in the midst of a heavy product pipeline rollout through the end of 2019. Over the next 12 months, we’ll focus on international expansion, as well as continuing to build our strategic retail relationships.” —Indie Lee, ceo and founder.

This Works Sleep Power Nap Spray, $42.

“Our strategic priority is to generate explosive growth with our U.S. retailer and firmly establish the brand as the next evolution of wellness and natural skin care. High visibility, nontraditional marketing activations will amplify our story and elevate us.” —Dr. Anna Persaud, ceo.

Moon Juice Beauty Shroom Exfoliating Acid Potion, $39.

“We’re focused on sourcing the purest, most potent plants on earth to develop the most efficacious formulas.” —Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder.

Wander Beauty Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask, $34.

“We have always been and will continue to be guided by our customer. We’re obsessed with getting inside her head to understand what she wants, what her beauty pain points are and figuring out how we can solve them with fewer, better beauty essentials.” —Divya Gugnani, ceo and cofounder.

Shiffa Emerald Clarifying Face Oil, $75.

“Skin care is no longer just about skin, but also about gut health, food, sleep and nutrition. On my Instagram, I connect to the consumer through posts and stories and advise on the best way to live a healthier life.” —Dr. Lamees Hamdan, ceo and founder.

Naturally Serious Get Even Cold-Pressed Peel Pads, $38.

“Social media, content marketing, the younger generation, second screening, thought-leadership and the demographic shift are among the many things challenging us to think differently.” —June Jacobs, ceo and founder.