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Ath-leisure Beauty’s Rising Players

The ath-leisure fad hits the beauty market as brands offer products that are meant to improve physical performance and aid in recovery.

Ath-leisure’s prominence in the fashion industry has made its way to beauty. Heritage brands and newcomers are targeting the active customer with products that tout soothing and pain-relieving qualities thanks to an array of herbal ingredients and plant extracts. Here, a look at some brands betting big on the ath-leisure beauty trend.


Launched: February 2018

Sweatwellth is putting an ath-leisure spin on beauty products. The treatment and performance line is created with an encapsulated technology that is motion activated, which is meant to improve the user’s performance during a workout. “We knew there needed to be some real development and formulation to have a point of difference in the marketplace,” said Rebecca Killian, executive vice president of creative, design and product development. “Everything is developed to help the active person perform at their max. They won’t be as sweaty and tired and they’ll recover faster.” Some of the brand’s products include Friction Free, an anti-chafing spray that has anti-bacterial and skin repairing properties, and Power Shower, a cleansing spray that refreshes and cools the skin after a workout.

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Sweatwellth offers six stock-keeping units and is available on its web site.

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Lord Jones

Launched: January 2016

While cannabis oil has become increasingly used in beauty products, Lord Jones was one of the first modernized brands to bring products to market using the ingredient. The brand’s products include varying amounts of THC, the chemical compound responsible for marijuana’s psychological effects, and CBD oil, which is said to have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. “We wanted the product to be so well formulated and packaged that it could sit on the beauty counter at Barney’s or at an artisan confectionary,” said Cindy Capobianco, cofounder of the brand, who saw a lack in the beauty offerings at medical marijuana dispensaries. “We wanted to launch a trusted, transparent and nourishing skin-care line that harnessed the properties of CBD.” Next, the brand plans to enter international markets.

Lord Jones offers eight stockkeeping units and is available on its web site.

The Nue Co.

Launched: January 2017

At the forefront of the ingestible beauty craze, The Nue Co.’s mission is to offer supplements made from organic food. “We take tried and tested vitamin formulations, but remove all unnecessary preservatives, bulking agents and fillers, and replace the synthetic actives with powerful organic foods,” said Jules Miller, founder and chief executive officer of the brand. “The result is a supplement that your body recognizes and is easily digested and absorbed.” While The Nue Co. isn’t marketed as an ath-leisure brand, its products fall into the trend. For example, Energy Food + Prebiotic is meant to give a natural boost of energy while also helping with digestion and Milk Protein + Gut Food is said to help with muscle repair.

The Nue Co. offers 10 stockkeeping units and is available at Net-a-porter, CAP Beauty, The Line and the brand’s web site.


Launched: September 2015

Founded by two yoga instructors and natural beauty enthusiasts, Yuni was created for the active person. “While people started to adopt a lifestyle in the quest of health and wellness, it made sense to offer products that would help them in this journey,” said Emmanuel Rey, who founded the brand with his wife Suzanne Dawson. “After studying the needs of active people, we discovered three key needs related to the lifestyle: saving time, enhancing performance and relieving stress.” The products take inspiration from yoga with names, like My Om World, Pocket Savasana and Count to Zen. They are also meant to be used before, during or after workouts with products like a muscle recovery gel, no rinse boy cleansing foam and balance aroma concentrate.

Yuni offers 11 stockkeeping units and is available on its web site and at specialty beauty retailers.

Alba 1931

Launched: January 2006

A family business that’s more than 100 years old, Alba 1931’s relaunch in 2006 under Łukasz Rychlicki, grandson of the original founder, furthered the brand’s commitment to natural formulations with galenic roots. “We are building a timeless, multigender and health promoting brand that vows to stay true to its values,” he said, noting the brand targets active individuals focused on healthy lifestyles. To formulate the all-natural products, the brand looks to plant extracts and essential oils with antibacterial, soothing and protective properties. While the brand offers an array of typical beauty products, many others cater to consumers with active lifestyles, like a Tension Relief Spray, Galenic Leg Soothing Rub and Refreshing Foot Protection Spray. The brand is working on new formulations with two face peels launching later this year.

Alba 1931 offers 16 stockkeeping units and is available at Shen Beauty and the brand’s web site.


Launched: November 1988; acquired by Fosun in April 2016

Since its launch, Ahava has been committed to offering quality natural products by using ingredients derived from the Dead Sea. “Ahava has always been a natural brand, not because it was trendy, but because it was the right thing to do,” said Beth Ann Catalano, president of Ahava North America. “The Dead Sea has always been considered a source of skin benefits and healing, but you had to physically get there to benefit.” Ahava uses mineral-rich salts and mud from the Dead Sea that boast moisturizing and nourishing benefits, but also work to soothe and destress the body. For example, the Dead Sea Bath Salt is said to ease muscle tension and the Roll-On Mineral Deodorant is meant to soothe and protect the skin while preventing odor.

Ahava offers 120 stockkeeping units and is available on its web site and at Ulta Beauty.