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Founding Creative Director of Butter London takes on the Masstige Market

Nonie Creme is on a mission to be respectfully disruptive with her new line of masstige color cosmetics.

Nonie Creme is on a mission to be respectfully disruptive in the beauty space. She did it with Butter London in 2005, and don’t be surprised if she does it again with her new line of masstige color cosmetics — Nonie Creme Colour Prevails.

“Prestige doesn’t have the reach that I want at this stage of my life and career,” said 43-year-old Creme. “It can be expensive, it can feel very exclusive and I want to do something that has a really broad reach.”

Goal accomplished. At the end of January, Colour Prevails will launch on and and will roll out to 3,000 Walgreens stores by March, potentially ramping up to 5,000 units by year-end.

The range, which includes over 140 stockkeeping units, is a bit more feminine than Creme would like to admit. But don’t judge a book by its packaging. “I wanted to make it pretty, approachable, girly and functional,” she said.

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Meanwhile, Creme considered every detail of the collection. The nail lacquers include a patent pending technology that allows a consumer to place her finger along the applicator’s groove to help her paint her nails.

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“I don’t claim to be [a makeup artist],” noted Creme. “I wanted to do a range for people like me who are enthusiasts.”

Also designed for ease of use is the Eyelash Ombré, a double-sided mascara that contains a fat teddy bear brush on one end that features a bright color to build volume and at the opposite end a skinny black wand to paint the lash tips. Plus the eye shimmers are made of pigment powders, but come out as a gel to avoid a mess.

The packaging is in a league of its own. An eye shadow palette is shaped in a fanciful design, containing an array of colors that look like the last page of the children’s book, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

The collection will be shelved on three-foot gondolas and there will be testers at every station, an element that is rarely seen in a mass-market retailer.

“Every time you ask [our shoppers] what motivates them to try new brands, it is the ability to sample and experience it one or two times before they have to make a commitment in store,” said Kina Guyton, director of beauty owned brands at Walgreens. “It’s absolutely critical to the overall success of our brands.”

Creme is also unveiling semi-permanent hair dyes called No Regrets.

“So many people [have colored hair] and I cannot see who is dominating and delivering an experiential product,” said Creme.

Each of the five shades comes in a tube containing a one-to-one application. The dye, which is the consistency of a cream, requires no mixing and is free of ammonia.

The color cosmetics line ranges from $9 for liquid eyeliner to $19 for an eye shadow palette. The assortment of hair dyes is priced from $10.99 to $12.99.

“We don’t really think [Colour Prevails] is bound by age,” noted Guyton. “If it does attract a younger consumer, we grab her when she is first entering that makeup stage and then we can grow with her through her makeup life cycle with other offerings.”

While Creme declined comment on projected sales, industry sources estimated that Colour Prevails could do $30 million at retail in its first year on shelves.