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What to Watch: Seven Cannabis-Infused Beauty Products

With nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, many brands are looking to cannabis as the latest hero ingredient.

In the last year, cannabis has popped up as a hero ingredient for many indie and natural brands, which are harnessing the plant’s extracts for its healing, nourishing and anti-inflammatory claims. Now, more mainstream brands have jumped on the bandwagon with innovations across skin and hair care that combine cannabis’ benefits with easy-to-use formats and Instagrammable packaging to attract the younger, trend-driven consumer.

Here, a look at the latest cannabis-infused beauty launches this fall:

High Beauty

High Expectations Cannabis Facial Oil, $54

Launching in September, High Beauty is Sephora’s first cannabis-based beauty brand. It is first introducing a moisturizer and this facial oil, which is said to reduce inflammation and support skin function because of a blend of adaptogens and antioxidants, like cannabis sativa seed oil, bioflavonoids and plant oils.

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CBD Haircare, $25 to $35

After creating four brands based on hemp seed oil, Earthly Body founders Kevin and Mare Wachs are launching Emera, a professional hair-care line made with 100 percent organic CBD oil. Launching in October, the brand deploys CBD oil combined with botanical ingredients, like chamomile, green tea, peppermint and lemongrass to give hair extra moisture and protection against daily stressors. The line consists of shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment, serum and detangler.


Overnight Exfoliating Mask, $62

Since releasing its original CBD serum, Hora Skin Care is expanding its line with an overnight exfoliating mask to help eliminate dead skin and leave a smooth, hydrated texture. The mask is formulated with vitamin A, borage seed oil, MCT oil, evening primrose and CBD, which the brand claims fights against signs of aging, reduces oiliness and acts as an antibacterial agent.


20 Min Hemp Oil and Seaweed Bath Salts, $9.99

Under parent company Be for Beauty, fast-beauty brand Bod is adding a bath salt product to its collection, this time with hemp oil. These salts combine hemp oil, seaweed, magnesium and a salt and sugar complex that are supposed to de-bloat the body, address body acne, cleanse and hydrate the skin after a 20-minute bath.

Body Vibes

Flower Power, $36

Compared to the alleged healing power of crystals, these Body Vibes stickers are made with ingredients derived from hemp plant to promote relaxation and reduce muscle tension for up to 72 hours when worn near the heart. The stickers are available on Body Vibes’ web site and will go into its first major distribution partnership with Barneys New York this fall.


Revitalixir Recovery Serum, $89

Addressing the effects of personal and environmental stressors on the skin has been a key concern for Murad for 25 years. The brand’s serum does just that with help from cannabis. The ingredient, which is claimed to soothe, nourish and firm the skin, is combined with wild indigo, paracress extract, caffeine and neuropeptides to calm the skin’s stress signals, fight free radicals and minimize wrinkles.

Kush Queen

Shield for Immunity 100-mg. CBD Bath Bomb, $19.99

With a commitment to providing premium cannabis-based wellness and lifestyle products, Kush Queen is expanding its line of bath bombs with this version to boost the immune system. Launching this fall for flu season, this bath bomb contains 100 mg. of pure CBD oil and a botanical mixture of clove, rosemary and cinnamon, which are said to strengthen and protect the body’s immune system.