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Clarins to Introduce Fifth Generation Hydration Line, Seventh Generation Body Fit

The hydration line includes five products aimed at combating thermic shocks and pollution while the Body Fit product smoothes and strengthens skin.

For its fifth iteration of the hydration line, called Hydra Essentiel, Clarins is launching a five stockkeeping unit collection of skin-care products that are meant to simultaneously hydrate and protect the skin from temperature changes and pollutants. The collection was inspired by and developed with extract from the Leaf of Life, a plant indigenous to Madagascar, which has similar properties to the skin’s epidermis.

“The plant is able to produce by itself all the sponge molecules,” said Marie-Helene Lair, international scientific communication director at Clarins, on how the plant can retain moisture even in the driest environments. “We noticed that only a few drops of the extract are able to boost the production of the skin itself at three key levels on the surface.”

Since the plant is able to survive in dry environments, Clarins studied how the impact of sudden daily changes in temperature affects the skin. From the study, Clarins determined that on average the skin is exposed to 17 thermic shocks a day, which encompasses changes in temperature and humidity and exposure to pollution.

“We discovered these thermic shocks decrease production of the sponge molecules,” she continued. “That’s why we focus on the three levels of the skin and the efficacy of the Leaf of Life.” The extract’s ability to hydrate while tackling environmental aggressors makes the collection the sixth generation of antipollutant products at Clarins.

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The collection includes a bi-phase serum to be used when skin is the most dehydrated, a cooling gel that refreshes and hydrates the skin and three creams including a rich, silky and SPF-infused version to accommodate to consumers’ needs. The products range in price from $48 to $59 and will be available at Clarins counters nationwide in February 2017.

Along with the hydration line, Clarins will also launch a new addition to its Body Fit line. The new Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert employs quince leaf extract in order to target the three primary adipocytes, a fat cell that specializes in storing energy as fat, responsible for the appearance of cellulite.

“The leaf is like a body coach because it has three powers,” Lair said. “The extract is able to decrease activity of the fat storage adipocyte, increases the activity of the fat-burning adipocyte and decreases the action of the third adipocyte by producing less fibers.”

The quince leaf extract is also paired with natural ingredients like horse chestnut, water mint, hazelnut oil and caffeine to smooth the appearance of cellulite while also moisturizing the skin. It is also advised to massage the product into the skin in order to stimulate circulation, making skin smoother and tighter.

The Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert will retail for $70 at Clarins counters starting in March 2017.