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Beauty Inc issue 12/13/2013

Luxe Pack Monaco this October was chockablock with newfangled packaging ideas. Here, some of our favorites.

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Material World
DuPont, in collaboration with Oriol & Fontanel, is dressing up Surlyn, its packaging resin. It’s now possible to put material decorations into see-through beauty-product caps and bottles in a process called Dupont Surlyn 3D Technology, with the D standing for design, decoration and depth.


Magic Wand
Remember those pens with stackable nibs from when you were a kid? LF Beauty has created a similar idea for beauty buffs with wands that can hold the likes of a concealer, eye shadow, liner, blush and lipstick or multiple lipstick shades at once, for instance. The outer plastic container is customizable, too.


Makeup Tutorial
Now it’s possible to have your own makeup artist—virtually—all the time. Screen Up 2L, the brainchild of DB Technique, is a case holding a refillable color-cosmetics palette complete with a screen to view how-to videos (or any other moving image).


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In Touch
Promens has created this airless jar for cream, aptly called Slidissime since it involves one easy finger swipe (think iPhone or iPad) to release a dollop of product. The creation boasts two patents—one for the pouch that’s injected into the container and another for the jar itself.


New Dimension
Like a flexible squeeze-drink container, sachets are being marketed by LCE SA to hold beauty products. Sporting a nozzle on top, they’re particularly good for samples or other on-the-go cosmetics items.


Nail It
After identifying a white space—namely, nail polish samples—Bioplan Beauty executives went about inventing Applidose. Replete with a little brush (that appears in a snap), each sample releases lacquer when pushed and contains enough polish to paint up to 23 nails.