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Dr. Dennis Gross Launches Antiaging LED Goggles

The SpectraLite EyeCare Pro will launch at Sephora in early April for $159.

There’s a new device in town, and it gives users a hands-free antiaging option.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skin Care is releasing the SpectraLite EyeCare Pro — a superhero mask-looking red LED light device. While some at-home facial antiaging devices require constant movement — and thus, hands — Gross’ latest launch can be worn while multitasking.

“The opportunity to improve your skin by doing something for three minutes a day is a no-brainer,” Gross said. “Most people spend more than that brushing their teeth, and you can do this while you’re brushing your teeth.”

The SpectraLite uses three different types of red LED lights to gradually reduce eye-area wrinkles. After strapping on the glowing, goggle-looking device, users will see a reduction in sun damage in the first two weeks of daily, three-minute wear, and then a reduction in wrinkles and increased collagen production after the first month, according to Gross.

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Dennis Gross
Dr. Dennis Gross

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“The results are additive,” Gross said. “At the end of the day, LED works like an ingredient — like an antiaging cosmeceutical ingredient.”

SpectraLite, $159, is set to launch in Sephora in April and roll out globally around the fourth quarter, according to Dr. Dennis Gross chief executive officer Carrie Gross. Industry sources project the launch could bring in up to $7 million in sales in its first 12 months.

“It’s going to be so sharable — just in terms of user-generated content,” Carrie Gross said. “In-store…everyone is getting a smoky eye or their brows done….We want to teach from a very young age that you have to take care of that skin — it’s very thin, it’s very delicate.” She noted it’s also sharable between people. “You can share this with your roommate, or with your boyfriend or husband — it’s really a sharable wearable, and it adjusts to everyone’s face,” she said.

To promote the SpectraLite the business is launching campaigns with “fun messaging,” Carrie Gross said, using “Wear Glow Go” and “Wear the Light, See the Light” as examples. The product will also be seeded with influencers.

Dr. Dennis Gross previously launched a facial steamer, but the SpectraLite debut is the first of its kind. Further devices are in the works, Dennis Gross noted. “We’re proving the concept with this, and then we have a lot of other things in mind,” he said.

Dr. Dennis Gross Launches Antiaging LED Goggles
Dr. Dennis Gross C+ Collagen product line.

“The idea of our devices, and how we envision our device category, is having it be very experiential,” said Carrie Gross. She noted the business has a full-face device in the works that likely will target multiple skin problems at a time, and plans to up focus on the eye area.”We have been laser-focused on complexion, but second to complexion and with our peels, I want to be the go-to brand for eye care,” she continued.

The SpectraLite device follows the brand’s launch of its C+ Collagen range, meant to combat tired-looking skin. Dr. Dennis Gross also debuted at Selfridges in London in February.