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Health books are a dime a dozen, but Dr. Frank Lipman, integrative and functional medicine physician and founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, has taken his view on wellness and condensed it into a bite-size hardcover.

Released on Jan. 6 — and written alongside Danielle Claro, deputy editor of Real Simple — “The New Health Rules,” $19.95, which resembles a flip-book with running text, maps out healthy habits from cutting out sugar to resting the digestive system with intermittent fasting.

“Everyone wants to know what to do [to get healthy], but they don’t want to read a big fat health book,” Lipman said. “Sometimes they’re a little bit scared of making these changes, so I’ve made it easy for them. It’s not intimidating.”

He’s right; it’s not. The book takes readers through a simple regimen. Even Donna Karan is a fan. She walked into his holistic practice on Wednesday afternoon to stock up on a few cleanses and is planning to sell Lipman’s book in her stores.

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Meanwhile, Lipman noted that if he could pull a few facts out of his book and deem them most important, he would tell readers, “to take charge of their own health. Don’t rely on the medical system. [Also,] stop [eating] sugar, processed food and gluten.”

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