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Face Halo Uses Microfibers for Eco-Friendly Makeup Remover

The eco-friendly, chemical-free cleansing pad is meant to last up to 200 uses.

Hailing from Australia, cofounders Rebecca Williamson and Lizzy Pike set out to simplify makeup removal with the help of microfibers and water.

“Microfibers have been around for a long time, but we hadn’t come across anything that removes makeup,” said Pike, who has 15 years of experience working with the fiber. “We wanted to create something that did a good job removing makeup, but be gentle on the skin.”

With this knowledge on microfibers and a common dislike for the tedious makeup removal process, Pike joined forces with Williamson to create Face Halo, an eco-friendly cleansing pad.

Face Halo’s plush texture employs microfiber technology with the aim of removing makeup as effectively as cleansers and disposable makeup wipes. By adding water, the pad is meant to gently exfoliate the skin and trap makeup within the pad so there is no smudging or residue left on the skin.

“It’s sustainable, it’s gentle and it’s good for the environment,” Williamson said. “You’re [removing makeup] much more quickly and not putting any chemicals, alcohol or additives on your skin that are found in [makeup] wipes.”

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The cofounders said the cleansing pad is equal to approximately 500 disposable makeup wipes and can last up to 200 uses. The microfibers are meant to trap makeup and are only released when the pad is washed with warm water and a cleanser.

“Each fiber is finer than a human hair and is designed to reach down into your pores,” Pike continued. “It’s soft and plush on the face but still gives you the denseness of exfoliation.”

Face Halo is also working with Australian beauty vlogger Chloe Morello, who has more than two million subscribers on her YouTube channel, to promote the brand.

“We kept going to [Morello] for ideas because she puts on and takes off makeup for a living,” Williamson said. “She’s had many opportunities to get on board with makeup companies before, but this is something that she really believes in.”

To build awareness and a loyal customer base for the brand, Face Halo is scheduled to be available solely on its e-commerce site starting Monday. The brand has plans to later expand into wholesale distribution, but is currently focused on connecting directly with consumers through its own site.

“[The product] doesn’t need over complication,” said Williamson. “People can’t imagine that it can work so well with just water, but all they have to do is use it once.”

Face Halo will be available online Monday and retail for $22 for a pack of three pads.