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First Aid Beauty Introducing Dual Repair Collection

Developed with a dermatologist, Dual Repair is free of parabens, emulsifiers, harsh colorants and chemicals.

First Aid Beauty will be celebrating the New Year with the January debut of its Dual Repair collection. Comprising of Eye Cream, $40, Power Serum, $48, and Face Cream, $44, the range will be exclusively available at Sephora. Developed with a dermatologist, Dual Repair is free of parabens, emulsifiers, harsh colorants and chemicals. “They were developed to focus on two — hence dual — objectives; one: to control, soothe, [and] pacify the overstimulation of the skin’s neurological, immunological and inflammation systems; two: to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles [and] to help firm the skin and improve skin texture and luminosity,” said brand founder and chief executive officer Lilli A. Gordon.

A proprietary blend of five key actives — said to deliver immediate and long-term results for common skin dilemmas — will be utilized within each Dual Repair product. Targeted ingredients set out to combat environmental damage, redness and inflammation and wrinkle formation, as well as smooth and brighten. Accompanying the epidermal cocktail, individual offerings contain ingredients catered to its specific purpose.

“[The] anchor of the Dual Repair Collection,” according to the brand, is its hydrating and rejuvenating Face Cream, which focuses on strengthening the skin barrier and reducing signs of aging. Seeking to reduce fine lines, firm and nourish, Dual Repair Eye Cream contains sodium phytate and glucosyl hesperidin, said to rid puffiness and dark circles. Dual Repair Power Serum — claiming to tighten pores, calm skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and benefit skin tone — incorporates concentrated levels of the proprietary blend. “We conducted independent clinical trials on both the Dual Repair Power Serum and the Dual Repair Face Cream — participants saw results after just six weeks,” said Gordon.

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Coinciding with the Dual Repair launch will be FAB’s Korean debut. With skin care placed on pedestals of religious proportions, the Asian market also boasts high volumes of on-air beauty sales, a perfect fit for First Aid Beauty. According to Gordon, the brand first appeared on QVC in 2010, selling out of its Ultra Repair Cream by the second showing and featuring the only product available to the network’s consumers with an eczema claim. Stateside, products geared towards eczema relief must be FDA verified and can be sold over the counter. However, Asian regulations are stricter and require a prescription. In addition to Korea, future plans will place the brand in Taiwan and India later this year.

Available in approximately 800 Sephora doors (including J.C. Penney and Sephora joint locations), the brand plans to expand with the addition of 450 more in 2013. “We plan on having a very long-term relationship with [Sephora],” Gordon said. Industry sources estimate first year global Dual Repair retail sales to be between $3 million and $5 million.