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Goli’s New Ashwa Vitamin Said To Be Selling 200 Bottles Per Minute

At $19 each, that would put the company at well over $10 million in product sales since launch. 

Vitamin business Goli, best known for it’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, is said to be selling through its latest launch at a rapid pace. 

Industry sources say that Goli Ashwa, the brand’s new ashwagandha gummies, have been selling an average of 200 bottles a minute since they launched on Friday. At $19 each, that would put the company at well over $10 million in sales since launch. 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen said to help with sleep, stress, immunity and other health concerns. Goli’s supplement also contains Vitamin D. The product is sold online, and is meant to roll into Goli’s retail partners in March. 

Goli, which until Friday had just one product, has grown quickly in the wellness space. Industry sources said the company had about $300 million in net sales for 2020, and is working with Centerview to evaluate inbound deal inquiries.

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