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Green Teens

Talk about early adopters. In England, the newest converts to the green scene are teenagers and a bevy of natural skin care has sprouted up to suit them.

In Britain, teen beauty brands with a natural bent are cropping up faster than pimples in prep school. “Whether it be what goes into the product or how the product is produced and packaged, conscientious shopping is becoming more important to the young consumer,” says Sarah Vorbach, founder and managing director of Face Boutique, a premium natural skin care brand created for teens and twentysomethings, which bowed in the U.S. in September and the U.K. in October at Space NK. Likewise, Amie, a line of five natural products, was designed for guilt-free primping at pocket-money prices (a 75-ml. tube of New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish costs about $10). “Products need to be gentle and effective,” says founder Fiona Parkhouse, who originally dreamed up the line, which will bow in the U.K. in January at Superdrug, with her young daughter in mind. Young & Pure, a two-year-old natural line concocted for 10- to 21-year-olds and sold at Whole Foods, is also branching out. Founder Lianne Miller is cooking up a five-unit organic line, which is set to bow in May.