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HoMedics Beauty Launches in the U.S.

Under parent company HoMedics, the brand is launching with nine beauty devices.

Do-it-yourself spa services just got easier.

HoMedics Beauty is bringing nine beauty devices to the U.S. that are meant to give users an at-home spa experience. The products include a microdermabrasion tool, a permanent hair-reduction tool and a body-shaping massager, among others.

“As we evolved as a company with health and wellness, it was really about offering do-it-yourself home products,” said Tina Greig, director of sales, beauty and wellness at HoMedics, the parent company of HoMedics Beauty, which offers products like massage chairs, fitness equipment and air purifiers. “[Launching beauty tools] was the fourth leg of the table because we saw it fit with the health and wellness categories.”

By launching a brand for beauty devices, HoMedics’ aim is to offer a cohesive assortment of tools that deliver spa results. HoMedics didn’t see any other brands with a large offering of spa-quality devices and wanted to fill this void.

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The devices incorporate technologies meant to rival competing devices on the market. The Duo Climate Hot and Cold Sonic Facial Wand has a hot mode to dilate pores and increase blood flow and a cold mode to soothe irritation. Also, the brand’s hair-reduction tool includes advanced fluorescence technology and intense pulsed lights that let the user tailor the intensity of the pulses for skin tone and sensitivity. All products are cordless, rechargeable and many are waterproof.

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“Being a health and wellness brand, we thought there needed to be brand unification,” Greig continued. “Our strategy is to be at the forefront of new technologies and products and bringing products into your home that become part of your daily routine.”

Available on QVC and the brand’s web site, HoMedics Beauty is looking to launch in other retailers, like Sephora, Urban Outfitters and Macy’s later this year. The brand is also available in Europe. Another batch of beauty devices is set to launch in the spring.

“Our objective is that there is going to be a HoMedics tool in every bag,” she said. “For anyone who cares about their skin or needs solutions to any skin concern, we hope to have our tool in their bathrooms.”