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Indeed Laboratories to Retail in the U.S.

The Canadian skin-care brand is hitting the U.S. mass market with two skin perfecters designed for both instant and long-term results.

Canadian skin-care brand Indeed Laboratories is hitting the U.S. mass market with two skin perfecters designed for both instant and long-term results.

Rolling out exclusively to Walgreens and Duane Reade stores later this month, the brand is centered on the premise of offering highly technical skin care at lower price points.

“We believe in pushing the boundaries of science and challenging the status quo of beauty standards,” said Dia Foley, vice president of sales and marketing of Indeed Laboratories. “By expanding our distribution to the U.S. market through Walgreens, we’re able to reach out to a broad consumer through our simplified skin-care solutions.”

In addition to being carried in 4,000 doors internationally, the products will be available in about 6,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade stores as well as online at Industry sources estimate that sales for the new products could be as much as $10 million in the first year on U.S. counters.

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“Walgreens selected Indeed products, because they complement our approach to bringing our customers the proven innovation she seeks,” said Shannon Curtin, divisional vice president and general merchandise manager of beauty and personal care at Walgreens. “Shoppers know that they can always find the latest skin-care items like Nanoblur or Snoxin at Walgreens.”

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The brand’s U.S. launch will include “instant skin perfecter” Nanoblur, $19.99, which can be applied alone, with, or over makeup for a more even finish. It utilizes an optics technology designed to smooth skin, giving it a wrinkle-free appearance instantly.

Meanwhile, Snoxin, $29.99, uses peptide-based, antiaging technology meant to combat wrinkles over time by inhibiting muscle contractions. Lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and uneven texture are targeted by the colorless serum, and the formula can be used by men or women.

Developed in 2012, the mission behind Indeed Labs is to diminish marketing costs in effort to keep the products affordable. According to industry sources, international sales in Canada and the U.K., where the brand is currently distributed, have doubled in the last two years, reaching approximately $10 million.

“Based upon the great success that Boots experienced with Indeed Laboratories in the United Kingdom, we’re [pleased] to have them join the family of products launching exclusively in Walgreens,” said Gordon Farquhar, chief executive officer of Boots Retail USA, where Indeed products are also sold. “With the help of Walgreens and Indeed Laboratories products, women now have easier access to affordable and innovative beauty solutions that deliver the results of products sold several times the price in department stores.