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Jane Iredale Expands Wellness Offerings With New Supplements

Joining Skin Accumax, the brand is launching four additional supplements that target specific skin-care concerns.

Wellness is nothing new for Jane Iredale.

The 23-year-old beauty company prides itself on being one of the first wellness brands thanks to its “skin-care makeup” offerings, makeup that’s infused with skin-care ingredients meant to hydrate, protect and replenish the skin.

Now the brand is going full force with the wellness initiative by expanding its supplement offerings to five different versions that target specific skin-care concerns.

“The skin is the body’s largest organ, but it’s not what we consider its most essential organ,” Iredale said when discussing the importance of supplements at a press preview last month. “The body takes the nutrients first to the essential organs, like the heart and liver, and what’s left goes to the skin.”

To ensure the skin receives the vitamins and nutrients needed, Iredale is launching four new supplements, Skin Antioxidant, Skin Vitamin A, Skin Complete and Skin Omegas. The new launches will join Skin Accumax, a supplement that is meant to address acne-prone skin, for the brand’s supplements category.

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“We call ourselves ‘skin-care makeup’ meaning that we focus on the skin,” Iredale said on why she wanted to expand her supplement offerings. “Anything that can help improve the quality of the skin seems to me to fit perfectly [with the brand].”

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The four new supplements target concerns Iredale saw most common among consumers. Skin Antioxidant, which is said to protect the skin, includes grapeseed extract and green tea extract in order to address signs of aging and prevent damage from free radicals. Skin Vitamin A is packed with vitamin A and D, which is meant to treat oily skin. Skin Omegas is purported to treat dry skin with essential fatty acids derived from omega 3 and 6. A combination of Skin Vitamin A and Skin Antioxidant, Skin Complete is meant to tackle aging skin.

“I didn’t want to bring anything into [the brand] that I thought was dubious,” she said on launching the supplements, which are made by Advanced Nutrition Programme, a United Kingdom-based supplements manufacturer. “I know where [the supplements] are made, I know where the ingredients are sourced and I know what it takes to put them together. I feel the same care that’s gone into our makeup has gone into [the supplements.]”

Iredale claims Skin Accumax is growing 30 to 40 percent since its launch and now projects the expanded supplements category will have a growth rate of 35 percent this year.

“We’re coming full circle,” she said about expanding her wellness offerings. “We can back the ‘skin-care makeup’ with nutritional supplements that are going to work together to change people’s lives. That’s what we’re about today.”

The five supplements will range in price from $33 to $157 for bottles of 60, 120 and 180 supplements. They will be available online in August.

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