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Entrepreneur of the Month: Truth in Aging

Marta Wohrle has a unique vantage point on what women want and is now capitalizing with a growing product line.

Having created an online community of more than 350,000 women who are all seeking the answer to beauty’s million-dollar question, “Does it really work?” Marta Wohrle has a unique vantage point on what women want. Now, she’s capitalizing on the success of her Web site, Truth in Aging, with a growing product line. Formerly the senior vice president of digital at Hachette, Wohrle launched Truth in Aging in 2009 to address what she saw as a lack of credible skin-care information for women 40-plus. After building a robust ratings and review section, Wohrle evolved the concept into a curated e-commerce site, where customer input impacts what brands are sold. Now, Wohrle is taking crowdsourcing to the product development arena, with her brand Truth Vitality, meant to fill white space she perceives via her community’s feedback. In 2012, she launched a hair-care collection with copper peptides to stimulate hair growth; this past year, she launched the Lux Renew, a $279 ultrasound-LED device approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Ever the pragmatist, Wohrle says her brand’s expansion is in the hands of the consumer. “I’m very much pushed by the community,” she says. “If the world doesn’t need another eye cream, I won’t include one.