New technology helps get the right shade in any light.

Parham Aarabi, chief executive officer of ModiFace, unveiled the augmented-reality technology company’s latest wrinkle at the WWD Digital Beauty Forum on Feb. 7.

The new technology, called Light Field Rendering, helps solve the issue surrounding viewing the true shade colors in any lighting. When users capture their images for virtual makeovers, they are often in various lighting situations that can taint the color. “We can get the color of a lipstick or any makeup exceptionally accurate — even in dark or bright environments,” Aarabi said.

The technology is rolling out to ModiFace’s partners this year including Sephora, which as been at the forefront of using ModiFace’s tools.

The Light Field Rendering feature, which first estimates the light field based on a video of the environment, estimates various light parameters including how the light is interacting with the skin. From there, the exact coloration of any makeup layer is calculated and the color is dynamically adjusted to match the lighting of the scene. This results in a realistic rendering of the shade in all lighting conditions, including situations with extreme brightness or darkness.

“Adjusting for lighting variations is the biggest challenge in the simulation of makeup on photos and video. Until now, most augmented-reality systems have approximated the color for a makeup product based on parameters of the face,” Aarabi explained. Light Field Rendering can adjust coloration of makeup dynamically by using all of the information in a video, including parameters outside the face. He demonstrated how different colors can look using a model’s face without the adjustments.

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ModiFace provides custom web and mobile try-on apps, in-store mirrors and visual e-commerce for the beauty industry with more than 150 reality apps for companies including Allergan, L’Oréal, Unilever, Yves Rocher and Sephora. Most recently, Cover Girl rolled out its Custom Blend app, a smartphone application that leverages facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence to mix and match unique shades of foundation specific to their customers’ skin tone developed by ModiFace.