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Ogee Offers a Sexier Take on Certified-Organic Skin Care

The creators of new skin-care line fuse luxury and organic to serve unmet need in market.

A new skin-care line hopes to prove organic can be efficacious as well as sexy.

Launching this week is Ogee, a Certified-Organic and luxury skin-care collection its creators maintain will fill a gap in the luxury skin-care market for a natural brand with a prestige positioning.

“Historically, you could be luxury or sustainable, but one wouldn’t marry the other. Why can’t an organic product still be luxury, or a better version of luxury? Organic doesn’t have to be crunchy,” explained Mark Rice, the company cofounder. As the former co-owner and president of John Galliano, Paris, Rice brings his expertise in luxury goods to the new line.

Added Abbott Stark, Ogee’s other cofounder who has developed brands for global beauty companies, “Certified-Organic is a white space. We will draw in customers passionate about organics; those who may be buying in a lower market from a brand that doesn’t meet their aesthetics. Similarly, we’re targeting those who may be buying luxury products, but know they should convert to a more sustainable brand with few synthetic ingredients.”

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Two years in the making, the Ogee lineup consists of four products leveraging the benefits of Certified-Organic, Golden Grade Jojoba Oil. At launch, the line will only be direct-to-consumer at, with eventual plans to be distributed by premium, luxury retailers.

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The $6.4 million face oils category continues to be where the action is in the skin-care market. Stark said, “Jojoba Oil differs from competitive oils such as coconut and argan.” He explained that Jojoba Oil is similar in molecular structure to the building blocks of the skin’s sebum. Thanks to its chemical composition, Jojoba Oil replenishes and balances moisture, while making skin appear firmer, smoother and supple. “Jojoba Oil is non-comedogenic, making it suitable for dry, combination, sensitive and even acne-prone skin types,” Stark added.

The brand’s organic Jojoba Seeds are grown on an American organic farm and cold pressed to yield the highest level of antioxidants and micro-nutrients known as polyphenols.

Consumer interest in organic skin care and beauty is more fervent than ever, especially because new formulas are more effective than natural products introduced even just five years ago. “People realize that what we put onto our skin is absorbed into the body. That’s raised interest in organic food and now beauty, too,” Stark said. “There’s been a quantum leap in results and the claims we can make,” he said, adding that the company can show a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in 22 days with its Seeds of Youth Serum.

Nielsen data confirms natural and organic skin care sales are expanding at a double-digit rate versus flat growth in traditional products.

The Ogee lineup includes Jojoba Restore Face Oil, Seeds of Youth Serum, Daily Facial Cleansing Cloths and Sculpted Lip Oil. Prices range from $16 for the Lip Oil to $65 for the Seeds of Youth Serum.

The lip oil was included because the category is seen as a gateway item to introduce shoppers to the full line. To build repeat business, Ogee features monthly subscription options with programs such as a recurring monthly delivery of the cleansing cloths, or a monthly combination shipment comprised of the cloths, face oil and serum.

Ogee’s range of products is Certified-Organic to the internationally recognized NSF standard, guaranteeing all elements are free from petroleum, any petroleum reacted ingredients, synthetic fragrances, genetically modified organisms and artificial dyes.

A lifestyle Instagram campaign on @ogeebeauty kicks off in conjunction with the online launch, featuring the tag line “Find the Good,” and the opportunity for consumers to tag photos with the hashtag #FoundTheGood.