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Oral Care Brand Moon Names Odell Beckham Jr. Brand Ambassador

The Los Angeles Rams wide out will serve as a brand ambassador and stakeholder and will provide creative direction for the brand.

Oral care brand Moon announced a long-term partnership with Los Angeles Rams wide receiver and entrepreneur Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday

Founded by Shaun Neff, Moon was created to disrupt the billion-dollar oral care and oral beauty markets with a design-led approach. Beckham Jr. will serve as an ambassador for Moon and provide creative direction for the brand. He also joins Kendall Jenner as a stakeholder in the brand.

“I’ve seen a unique opportunity,” said Beckham Jr. He explained that he didn’t see brushing his teeth and going to the dentist as a cool thing growing up, but feels that, together with Moon, they can make something as important as oral care cool.

“For me, my smile has always been one of those things that I think brings a good energy,” he added. “I’ve always been known to be smiling. I’ve seen an opportunity joining Moon as far as the packaging, working with my friend Kendall [Jenner] and a very unique feel here.”

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Beckham Jr. has been known for his wild catches on the football field as a member of the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns before the Rams, but also known for his appearance. He appeared in commercials for Head & Shoulders in recent years. Though Moon is a move away from hair, this partnership adds to Beckham Jr.’s men’s grooming and self-care résumé

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“When I was younger I felt I didn’t have to put anything on,” he said. “Men don’t take care of themselves as well as women do, but I’ve come to realize there are essentials and this is one step of it. It’s important to take care of your teeth and mouth and the rest will take care of ourselves. If you look good and feel good then you play well. Aesthetic isn’t everything but it is everything at the same time.”

Odell Beckham Jr.
Odell Beckham Jr. Atiba Jefferson

Prior to signing Beckham Jr., Moon received investment from Kendall Jenner and together they developed a teeth-whitening pen. The brand also teamed with designer Heron Preston on toothpaste in his signature orange color, which released on DropX and marked StockX’s introduction into personal care.

Neff said the brand is very selective of who they partner with. “We’ve had a ton of inbound and we just kind of sat back,” he said. “I’ve been a fan of Odell for many years but there’s more to him. He’s a unique unicorn. As soon as the opportunity came in, we jumped on it. We wanted to add a male to the Moon family and I didn’t see anyone else fitting that role.”

The partners’ collaboration will kick off in 2022 with the launch of a five-mode smart sonic electric toothbrush, which will be Moon’s introduction into the power dental category.

“I feel it beats the average toothbrush and gave me a better feeling after brushing my teeth,” Beckham Jr. said. “There are some bright things we’re looking forward to in the future.”