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Proskins Slim Launching Anticellulite Compression Wear in the U.S.

Consumers are said to experience two levels of detoxing, one from compressing and another from moisturizing skin.

Designed to combat cellulite, U.K. “intelligent textiles company” Proskins will arrive Stateside in September with its line of compression garments, called Proskins Slim.

Containing five natural ingredients, the clinically tested line of leggings, shorts and tops contains caffeine, retinol, ceramides, fatty acids, vitamin E and aloe vera. This skin care-inspired formula is woven into the fabric of the garments to provide the wearer with a “hidden workout.”

Launched in the U.K. in March 2011, Proskins Slim promises to provide similar perks as a regular fitness routine. “Consumers in the U.K., Australia and Singapore have all responded with universal approval,” said Neil French, founder of Proskins. “We get an amazing referral rate and repeat customers for the next size down. We knew the U.S. was an important market to tap into as it has the single biggest beauty market in the world; hence, it made perfect sense to introduce the product to the U.S. market.”

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By combining compression technology with naturally restorative and protective ingredients sewn into the fabric, consumers are said to experience two levels of detoxing, one from compressing and another from moisturizing skin.

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“We realized that we could take the benefits of a sports lifestyle to people with more sedentary lifestyles,” said French. “Most people suffer from poor circulation when they’re not getting enough exercise. Our technology gives your body the right kind of compression to improve your blood flow.”

According to French, the garments contain millions of tiny crystals. Each time the garment is worn, it excretes a small amount of the ingredients, which are absorbed into the skin. “The more you wear the garment, the more applications [of the ingredients] you have,” he added.

Proskins’ previous lines — of which only the Slim line is crossing the pond — have tilted towards athleticwear; the Slim collection targets people with busy lifestyles. “Regardless of the wearer’s physical activity, the fabric is said to massage the ingredients onto your skin,” said French.

Industry sources speculate first-year retail sales will be $20 million. Ranging in price from $80 to $120 dollars, Proskins Slim will be sold in select Equinox stores, SweetSpot Sports and Golden Bear Bikes stores and at “We have [already] made a number of sales in the United States through the Web site,” said French. “We therefore know that there is an appetite for the product.”