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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Met Gala Workout

Sarah Jessica Parker's trainer, Anna Kaiser, spills the celebrity's workout.

Every year Anna Kaiser, celebrity trainer and founder of AKT InMotion, is given a task for the Met Gala: tailor Sarah Jessica Parker’s workout to the dress she chooses. Last night, Parker donned a one-shoulder custom H&M dress and a Philip Treacy headdress. And the focus this year? Her arms, even though only one was shown.

“You can’t spot train,” declared Kaiser, who’s been training the 50-year-old celeb for about five years. “You can’t just lose weight in one area of the body, but you can certainly work on accessing muscles that are either deconditioned or shut off and making them stronger so you can create more lean muscle in that area.”

Kaiser, who claims Parker works out everyday, might be catering to her arms, but the workout is utilizing her entire body.

“We use a lot of different props to keep it interesting,” said Kaiser, adding that boxes, resistance bands and a towel, which is surprisingly great for strengthening arms, are just a few of the many pieces of equipment used during Parker’s workout. “She never does the same workout twice. Some people call it muscle confusion, but it’s really just different programming. Sometimes its high-rep, low-weight, sometimes it high-weight, low-rep. She does mini cardio intervals in between strength-training sessions, too.”

But the Met Gala isn’t the only event where Kaiser curates her workout.

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She added, “Because she is so active in the fashion and beauty industry it is fun to cater to different parts of the body [for different events] and what she’s going to be wearing.“