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Star Turn

Cutting-edge retailers divulge their standout product performers for spring.

Cutting-edge retailers divulge their standout product performers for spring.


Department Store Quartier 206
“Organic is the hottest trend in skin care. The Organic Pharmacy line has everything that customers look for to fit their organic lifestyle. The Rose Plus Anti-ageing Face Cream is packed with highly active ingredients and organic nutrients that rejuvenate stressed skin. The unusually lightweight formula and the concentrated antioxidant complex make it a perfect companion for spring.” —Tim Fischl, beauty department manager

“Amyitis by Mona di Orio embodies the effervescent, fresh days of primavera with its eclectic notes of caraway, saffron and moss, and its Champagne cork-inspired bottle stopper. —Guido Wetter, owner

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Hong Kong
Lane Crawford
“Although not new, Escentric Molecules is totally fun—high-tech, yet ‘primal.’ Imagine a fragrance that doesn’t really have a fragrance (well, sort of) with Iso E Super, which is usually combined with other blends, due to its enhancement properties. But when used on the skin, it actually accentuates and heightens one’s body’s smell.” —Morgan Tan, general merchandise manager

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“Aesop’s Wash and Protect Kit, with stimulating notes of lime, bergamot and mandarin rind, is a great way to start spring, and the fresh, natural scent will carry straight through to hot summer days. It epitomizes the Aesop ethos of drawing inspiration from travels around the globe and finding just the perfect combination of texture and natural fragrance to complement each product.” —Angela Creasy, beauty buyer

“Apothia’s Velvet Rope Eau de Parfum offers
a unique alternative to the megabrands on the market. It’s more emotional. The fragrance market
in Tokyo is mature and people’s knowledge of quality and materials is increasing….Now customers want to know the stories, the background. Velvet Rope is unique. You can imagine the situation—it’s very special, A-list.” —Yasuhiro Sasaki, creative director for beauty and gift items

Sao Paulo, Brazil
Amarynthe at Daslu
“Jiki’s Tourmaline Mineral Soap, made with pulverized tourmaline crystal, has a pyroelectric effect, the ability to generate an electrical potential. When washing your face or body with the soap, some of the tourmaline powder stays on the skin and activates circulation, stimulates skin cells and thus facilitates skin renovation. This makes your skin softer, and works as an antiwrinkle agent.” —Silvia Vinha, manager

“Jemma Kidd’s Limited Edition Make Up English Rose Palette was inspired by the look of a flawless English Rose and the soft, floral tones from the spring catwalk. This is the type of international product our customers can’t wait to get their hands on.” —Jo Horgan, founder