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The Entrepreneurial Edge: Dineh Mohajer of Smith & Cult

The founder of Hard Candy is back with a new venture launching in October, Smith

Dineh Mohajer may not keep her own nails perfectly polished at all times, but she’s certainly mastered the nail category.

The founder of Hard Candy is back with a new venture launching in October—Smith & Cult, a luxury line of polishes inspired by moments in her life where beauty made an impact on her. Case in point: She wore a dark Ann Demeulemeester dress to a wedding while the other attendees were in pastel shades, which culminated in the black glittery polish Dirty Baby.

“It’s inspired by all the things that I’ve experienced in my life that are very similar to girls down the street or across the country—it’s every girl,” says Mohajer. “What was interesting about it was thinking about the beauty manifestations in those moments.” Along with the polish, which will be sold at salons, C.O. Bigelow and Net-a-porter, she’s releasing a book exclusively for customers to browse at salons, titled Diary of a Beauty Junkie, with stories and eclectic graphics to illustrate some of the shades. Next will be a small range of lip glosses, likely released next summer, in “colors that are wearable, that I love, that are perfect for everyone,” says Mohajer.

So what is it about nail polish that gets her creative juices flowing? “They are such a quick and easy way to change up a look without making a huge investment,” she says. “It’s like an accessory. One minute I can be in a certain vibe, and then the next I can be on the other end of the spectrum.”

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