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Tracy Anderson Jumps Into Beauty as New Face of Ecco Bella

The natural beauty company partnered with Anderson to help promote the brand and potentially collaborate on products.

Personal trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson is adding beauty to her résumé.

Anderson, who takes credit for toning Gwyneth Paltrow and other celebrities, is set to be the face of organic, natural beauty company Ecco Bella.

The brand, launched by Sally Malanga in 1992, is a pioneer of the natural beauty movement, and is known for its VitaminCells skin-care line, Water-Free Vanilla Herbal Body Lotion and flower wax-based cosmetics products.

Anderson is partnering with Ecco Bella to promote the company’s Discover Intelligent Beauty movement, which she and Malanga developed to educate women about beauty and wholesome living alternatives, focusing on boosting self-esteem and maintaining healthy, fulfilling lifestyles. “We want Tracy to help us let consumers know that it is possible to be beautiful and compassionate and sustainable all at once,” Malanga said. “Having Tracy as a really [original] and authentic spokeswoman will let consumers know to look for us and to look at what we’re saying.”

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“When I was introduced to Sally…[I was] shocked at who she was, how she presented herself — that she’d been doing this for 23 years and that it is this incredible, undiscovered beauty secret that I believe to be the root of beauty, period,” Anderson said. “So I wanted to immediately learn more about her and about how we could potentially work together. It started from a very meaningful and powerful place because we felt aligned in our philosophies.”

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“She is really healthy and gorgeous through her own fitness training methods, and she helps other people do that too,” Malanga said. “I liked what she was doing. We approached her and she immediately identified with our mission, which is kind of [special] because our mission for beauty is more of a 360-degree personal outlook.”

Anderson, who will promote the brand on social media as well as through in-person appearances, said she is hoping to create a lot of strong messages around “being good to yourself” and “letting your own individual beauty shine” at the same time as promoting sustainability and Earth- and animal-friendly products.

“Sally and I have plans to do some adventures together that include animals, maybe me naked with some animals, but really that message that…it’s kind of like owning your beauty in a really powerful way,” Anderson said. “Sally is literally a little hero for what it really means to be natural, with plant-based ingredients that [are] really powerful. But [they are] not only powerful for what they can do for your skin, but powerful in terms of their ethical alignment with the planet as well.”

Anderson’s personal beauty philosophy has evolved over time — particularly as her four year-old daughter watches her get ready.

“I look back at pictures and I think, man, I was really making myself look worse than what I was given naturally. I am actually putting too much on myself,” Anderson said. “I was meeting people that were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, wow, you’re so much prettier in person,’ and then Gwyneth was always saying to me, ‘You should really do your own makeup more.’”

Her daughter chimed in one day, Anderson said, when she was putting on her makeup, asking: “Mommy, why are you making yourself dirty?”

And while she wasn’t about to be a woman who just skips out on makeup entirely, Anderson said her outlook shifted. “My philosophy is one that has really evolved,” she said. “Products that if my pores open up and [they] sink in actually make my skin better and healthier — that makes me feel complete and good.”

So now, Anderson says she has been doing her own makeup more frequently and been using products that are “as natural as possible.”

And in addition to fronting Ecco Bella, Anderson is eyeing product development. “[The] skin care is like, 100 percent, plus bonus points; I can’t even be more in love with it,” she said. “In [the] makeup palette, I love it, but I said, ‘Would you consider other products?’ I do a lot of press and I’ve learned so much about makeup over the years. I said, ‘Would you let me come in and help with the makeup?’ and she was like, ‘100 percent yes.’ So we’ve talked about it.”