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Tweezerman Partners With Agatha Luiz de la Prada

Tweezerman targets premium consumer with two new lines: a Designer Series by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Studio Collection.

Tweezerman is trading up and targeting the premium consumer with two new collections slated to launch later this year.

The beauty tools brand has partnered with Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada to create its Designer Series, a collection of colorful printed tweezers due out in the fall, and has also given some of its top-selling tools a fashion facelift for its new Studio Collection, launching at the end of May.

“We’re trying to position the Studio Collection with luxury cosmetics because that’s where we think our premium tools belong,” said Erik Hoover, Tweezerman’s vice president of global marketing, who noted that the brand — carried at mass market retailers such as Duane Reade and CVS, as well as specialty stores such as Sephora, Dillard’s and Bed Bath & Beyond — will target upscale fashion stores like Saks Fifth Avenue with the Studio Collection.

“The idea is that the packaging is new, modern and playful and the items are proven sellers — taking the risk factor out of selling Tweezerman at upper-end stores.”

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Featuring an edited range of top performing beauty tools that are packaged in sleek clear tubes, items in the Studio Collection are priced from $5 for an eco-friendly callous stone to $100 for a Stainless Steel Slant Crystal Tweezer in Glorious Gold. Industry sources estimate the new range will generate roughly $8 million to $10 million in first-year retail sales.

Tweezerman aims to capture additional fashion consumers with the September launch of its Agatha Ruiz De la Prada Designer Series, which consists of three versions of Tweezerman’s signature slant tweezer, printed with pink hearts, orange flowers and blue clouds, designed by Ruiz De la Prada.

“This is our first collaboration with a fashion designer and it’s really the first attempt for a beauty tools company to work with a designer,” said Hoover.

The Designer Series, which according to industry sources will do roughly $1 million in retail in its first year on shelves, will sell for $25.

Tweezerman president and chief executive officer Dr. Cornelia Wittke said she also hopes to expand the brand’s global reach, particularly in Spain and Germany, with the Ruiz De la Prada partnership. “We’re growing globally and Agatha has global recognition and a vast international appeal.” Based in Spain, Ruiz De la Prada has worked with other brands including Camper, Absolut and Audi. Since being purchased by Germany-based J.A. Henckels in 2004, Tweezerman has expanded into 40 countries, China, India and Brazil.

Industry sources estimate Tweezerman will generate $40 million overall in global retail sales by yearend, with double-digit growth expected in the next few years.