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Beauty Inc issue 03/13/2009

Uslu Airlines, the Berlin-based brand best known for its airbrush makeup system, is giving nail polish a new spin. The brand has collaborated with four jet-setting DJs to create of-the-moment colors, each named after a global airport code. Top-seller THF (for Berlin’s Tempelhof, now closed and a venue for fashion trade shows and other events) is pearly silver, and comes from the Paris-based DJ Fetisch. Swedish DJ Rollerboys went with a lilac shade dubbed JMK for Mykonos airport in Greece, while the Swiss Headman went with ZRH (Zürich-Kloten airport), a light blue polish. And French BusyP went for PSG— which stands for Alaska’s Petersburg James A. Johnson airport (but shares initials with Paris Saint Germain)—a creamy lemon tone that glows in the dark— perfect for a night spent dancing in dimly lit clubs. Each DJ not only decorated his cap, but also created coordinating custom music mixes. Already downloaded more than 2,500 times on the project’s MySpace page, the tracks will soon be downloadable for free. Uslu also plans to sell limited edition CD compilations. Sold in Colette and other trendy boutiques, Uslu cofounder Jan Mihm hopes to expand into vinyl shops and even nightclubs.

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