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Veria Set to Launch Personal Care Brand

It will be launching in the U.S. and internationally this month.

Veria, a new personal care and herbal supplement brand will be launching in the U.S. and internationally this month.

The two sub lines that will be introduced under the Veria brand are Veria ID (Innerdosha), and an accompanying herbal supplement line Veria SO (Self Optimize). Both are based on Ayurvedic principles and ingredients, from the 5,000 year old Indian tradition of medicine that is based on the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether, and the three Doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

Each dosha is believed to encompass a combination of an individual’s personality, nature, and energy. The doshas are categorized by different skin and hair types, and aim to achieve balance. “There is so much that can be derived from both natural resources and the principles of Ayurveda; I want to bring that to the U.S. and the world,” said Veria chairman, Subhash Chandra. “By marrying ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with cutting-edge science, Veria Innerdosha personal care products and Veria Self Optimize herbal supplements are designed to promote wellness from within.”

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The Veria ID products are designed to treat and balance specific hair and skin types based on the three Ayurvedic doshas: Vata for dryness, Pitta for sensitivity, and Kapha for oiliness. Within each dosha category are 11 different hair, skin, and body care products.

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Vata Dosha is aimed at individuals with normal to dry hair and skin. To achieve a harmonious balance, Vata Dosha products use coconut water hydrate and reduce fine lines in the skin. The Pitta Dosha products target those with combination and sensitive hair and skin. The main ingredients in Pitta Dosha are potent boswellia and turmeric, which are believed to fight off irritation common in sensitive skin. Kapha Dosha is for those with oily hair and skin. Kapha Dosha products use neem, coleus and vitex oils to treat blemishes, and soapnut bark to calm the skin.

Additionally, Veria ID includes nine products for all doshas, which can be used by all skin types. Veria ID will be available in over 400 doors nationwide, such as Whole Foods and other natural grocery stores, as well as online at and Veria products will also be available for purchase on and Industry sources project first year sales will exceed $8 million.