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Yes to Carrots’ Sensitive Side

Launching this week, the new range, Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free, is meant to address the needs of consumers with sensitive skin.

The Yes to franchise, which began with the Carrot line and has since sprouted Blueberries, Cucumbers, Grapefruits and Tomatoes offerings, is going fragrance-free.

Launching this week, the new range, Yes to Carrots Fragrance Free, is meant to address the needs of consumers with sensitive skin.

“Yes to Carrots has been such a primary driver, and the family is our oldest sibling,” said Ido Leffler, cofounder of Yes To Inc. “A lot of people have very dry skin, irritated skin or skin that requires a little more TLC. These products are designed to nourish and hydrate sensitive skin.”

The range, which includes five new products under the Yes to Carrots category, is meant to impart nourishment without irritation. The collection includes an Intense Hydration Night Cream, Gentle Cleansing Wipes, a Daily Cream Facial Cleanser, an Exfoliating Cleanser and a Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. Priced between $5.99 for the wipes to $14.99 for the facial moisturizer, each product’s formula includes carrot-derived beta-carotene, an antioxidant said to help skin retain its softness and protect it from environmental factors. In addition, the line was dermatologically tested and features various naturally derived ingredients like sustainably harvested bamboo (found in the Exfoliating Cleanser), aloe vera and shea butter.

“The night cream is infused with avocado oil and squalene and ingredients that are meant to be used to give extreme nourishment,” said Leffler, adding that facial wipes — of which there are currently scented versions across other Yes To fragrance categories — are “market leaders” for the brand. “We are the first to have an all-natural toilette, and having a fragrance-free option is something people have been asking for.”

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According to Leffler, each of the Yes To “fragrance families” has a different objective; for example, Yes to Blueberries is antiaging, while Yes to Tomatoes is antiacne, Yes to Grapefruit is designed to brighten skin and Yes to Cucumbers is soothing and cooling. The Carrots Family, introduced in 2006, is the brand’s core range, as well as a personal favorite of Leffler’s, as evidenced by his consistently orange-based wardrobe.

“The Yes To fan base continues to increase, and we are seeing exponential growth in terms of consumer base, of people coming in,” said Leffler, adding that because the line is unscented there is more universal appeal, including among men and both younger and older demographics. “This is very much a universally needed concept.”

The range, which is rolling out to 20,000 doors, including Target, Walgreens and, could generate upwards of $10 million in its first year at retail, according to industry sources.

Looking forward, Leffler said that the brand, which ventured into the hair category in fall 2012, will continue broadening its horizons, primarily through research and development as well as online initiatives.

“One thing we don’t see slowing down is innovation. We have got significant excitement for 2014, around ingredients, also in regards to packaging,” said Leffler, adding that Yes To’s entry into hair has “exceeded” his expectations. “We don’t rule any category out. And the feedback we got from the hair [launch] shows us if we can figure out how to meet the natural criteria and deliver results we can do it.”

Leffler said that the line will be marketed primarily through social media, sampling and other digital programs.

“Sampling continues to be an incredible tool of ours that we continue to get excited about,” he said. The brand primarily samples through the Yes to Carrots Web site, Facebook and “Birchbox-type companies.”

In addition, Yes To will launch a campaign on Jan. 28 to drive trial and awareness by encouraging one million people join the Yes To movement. The aim is to say “yes” to things big and small, giving back to the community and sharing experiences via social media.